We must arise like Esther, because the Nation needs us

For times such as now, in the Pandemic Crisis, we must arise like Esther, because the Nation needs us, the World needs us… Esther 4:14.

👑 Esther, The Beautiful, Bold and Brilliant Queen, is one of my favourite women in the Bible. Esther, who is also known as Hadassah, has taught me the Protocol of the Palace. How to Prepare Oneself before an audience with the King, Our King of Kings!

👑 Every Palace has its own Protocol. We can’t come off from the street and rush straight into the Throne room casually, and then breeze in and out as and when we want. We need to honour the King and long to spend time with Him

👑 The Hebrew meaning of Hadassah is female Myrtle Tree or Compassion. Myrtle Tree is a Hebrew symbol for Love and Marriage. This compassionate person will end up saving her people and marrying the King. The Meaning of Esther, the root word Ester in Spanish means Myrtle Leaf. It is also the name of a Persian Star.

👑 Esther’s book is a type and shadow of how to enter into His Presence. We must be confident in finding our way around the Palace to meet our King, in any Crisis Situation, Here and Now for our People and our Nation. We are the Bride Awaiting the Return of our Bridegroom King but we must know how to enter His Presence with Preparation to seek an audience with the King now with our Petitions and Requests.

👑 The Bible is about a Person and His Principles, it is about a King and His Kingdom, it is about the Kingdom Principles we should live by, once we become His Kingdom Children. We got to know how to Prepare before we come into His Presence. There are certain procedures to follow…

👑 1. To enter the Throne Room, we got to come through the Gate by the Blood of Jesus, and with Thanksgiving.

  1. We then Praise our way into the Courts.
  2. We then follow with worship which brings us into the Inner Chamber and finally,
  3. Prayer which takes us into His Glorious Presence, where you are Alone with Him.
    Once we are with Him… then, Hush, Be Still.. because we won’t have anything to Say… we Wait… we Soak… until we Hear what He has to SAY Psalm 100:1-4.

👑 Dear Child of God, Remember this, Esther found Favour with the King because she knew what pleased the King, by asking the Person who knows the King, what the King likes, Esther 2:15. Esther knew she came into her Position by Supernatural Divine Intervention and she also knew she can’t mess up her Destiny by abusing or misusing her Position. Lives were at stake with the possibility of Ethnic Cleansing, Esther 3:14.

👑 There were many women of calibre called to the Palace. But, only One will be chosen as the Queen. Everyone had Equal Opportunity to Prepare themselves for the King, with Freedom of Choice and Freedom of Expression, for One Year, with, Benefits, Rights and Privileges Galore, Esther 2:13. But, Esther sought the Advice of Hegai, the King’s Eunuch Esther 2:15. She only did what Hegai suggested, because she wanted to wear what the King liked and oiled her body with fragrances of the King’s choice, so that she smelled like him. Isn’t that what Jesus wants us to do? To smell like Him?

👑 Who knows Jesus Best? So that, we can Prepare ourselves just the way He wants before we see Him. Only The Holy Spirit knows Jesus Best. Only He Can REVEAL TO US WHAT JESUS LIKES. Unless we have an Intimacy with the Holy Spirit, we will not know how to Dress for our Bridegroom King and enter into His Presence, where, we will find answers for the Community in Covid-19 Crisis where we live. We must know how to ask for our requests and petitions, after prayer, planning and preparation..Esther 4:15-17, so that the King can grant more than we bargained for, Esther 5:3.

👑 The very place we are in, and, the very position we are in, is Our Palace! And Our Royal Position! One Day of Favour with the King is worth a Thousand Days of Labour with the Flesh. We are Called to Live in the FOG, Favour of God always. Our Lockdown is our Palace and we have the Unction to Function in our situation, to bring to the King the needs of others.

👑 We belong to the King and His Kingdom by our New Birth in Christ Jesus. We are Anointed and Appointed by God to serve Him every which way in the place where we are, by hooking up with God 24/7, carrying out His Perfect Will, by the Power of the Holy Spirit, Who, together with the Bride will say, Come! Into His Presence, Revelation 22:17, to be Fruitful, Faithful and Fired Up to Impact the World around us in this Pandemic Crisis, for a time such as this God has called us, Esther 4:14… Amen.

anniekoshy@God’s Thirstydeer 🦌 Breaking the Chain with You… ⛓️