God choose a simple but humble person

God choose a simple but humble person, like Moses, to do a great work for Him, Exodus 6:11,26. However, Moses did not see himself as one to qualify, especially on account of his speaking disability, vs 12,30! Nevertheless, God was firm about His choice, for God was not looking for a capable person, but a humble person who would acknowledge the Lord in all His ways, so that God could direct his paths.

In our desire to serve the Lord, we too, often put our focus on our abilities and how we can appear ‘perfect’ before people, as far as, our outward looks and abilities are concerned. However, God sees things very differently from how man sees the same, and while we look at the outward appearance of things, God searches our hearts to see whether we are those who are humble therein, and tremble at His Word, to the extent that we refuse to bow down to any authority who forces us to do what they say, in the name of ‘submission’ even when it contradicts God’s Word!

Moses passed this test with flying colours and willingly suffered for the same for about 40 years his life. Perhaps, he must have thought at the age of 80, that the end of his life on earth was just round the corner! Yes, he did stand for his convictions in the best way in which he could, but was it worth it all? Yes indeed, it was, for God who looks at the heart was on the for someone just like that, to fulfill His long given promise to the ancestors of the Israelites, vs 3,4.

God’s long given promise, coupled with the groanings of His people, could not stop Him any longer from fulfilling the same. It did not matter that Pharaoh would not choose to listen to what Moses said, or refuse to be moved by the ‘miracles’ done before him too, for God had plans to fulfill His purposes in an even better way as a result, Exodus 7:2-5! With each miracle, Egypt was being steadily destroyed, and because of Pharoah’s proud and hardened heart, he and his people suffered great damage as a result, Exodus 8,9!

God’s ways and thoughts are far higher and different from ours, but as we humbly submit to the same, at the cost of being ridiculed and misunderstood, we will live to see and be part of God’s Kingdom coming on earth with great power and glory in the days ahead! However, the question that remains to be answered is, ‘Are we willing to drink of the sufferings and reproach that precede this great move’?

As we willingly answer in the affirmative, we can be sure that God will never let us down, just like He proved His faithfulness to Moses and his people!

Rowena Thomas
Mumbai, India.