God was very specific in His instructions and desired

Just possessing the land of Canaan would have no meaning if the Israelites began to live just like the people whom God was going to drive out of those lands on account of their idolatry and sin! So, before they could enter therein, God began to give them His laws such that they could be singled out as distinct, royal and holy when compared to any other nation of the world!

These laws included refraining from bearing a false report or being a malicious witness, perverting justice or showing partiality, being revengeful against one’s enemy, killing the innocent or justifying the wicked, being unjust to the poor, taking a bribe to thwart justice or oppressing strangers or foreigners, *Exodus 23:1-9.

They were expected to keep the weekly Sabbath, as well as to ensure that the land rested every 7th year, symbolising that we should ensure that we do everything from a place of rest and fellowship with God, knowing Him to be our only source and sustainer, vs 10-13. Next came the 3 feast that were to be held yearly, viz. The feast of unleavened bread, the feast of Harvest and the feast of Ingathering, vs 14-19, when all males had to appear before the Lord.

Once again these feast served as a reminder that all that we have has come from God, beginning with our very salvation itself, (sacrificing of the Passover Lamb for the same), and so we should not tightly hold on to anything as our own! The feast of unleavened bread also signified that sin would not be tolerated at all for the Passover Lamb had to be sacrificed in order to cleanse us from the same!
As they walked in obedience, the Angel of God’s presence Himself would go before them and drive out their enemies at a pace they could handle, so that they could possess the land and enjoy its blessings, vs 20-33.

As they agreed to the terms of the Covenant, Moses ratified the same with the shedding of blood, Exodus 24:3,6-8. God summons Moses once again back up to the mountain for 40 days and nights, vs 12-18, in order to show him the pattern of the tabernacle and all its furnishings so that he would ensure that those were made perfectly in accordance with God’s instructions, *Exodus 25:9. Among the first few items to be made were the ark of the covenant, vs10-22;
the Table for the Bread of the Presence, vs 23-30 ,the lampstand, vs 31-40, and the tabernacle itself, Exodus 26:1-37.

God was very specific in His instructions and desired that Moses carry out all the instructions just as he was shown on the mountain, Exodus 25:40. In today’s day this would mean that every member of the Church individually, as well as the entire Church collectively should be built in line with the New Testament pattern given in the Scriptures, and if not followed, just as it is written, will never be pleasing to God at all, and so can never be a place where God’s glory can be manifested fully, unless they repent!

Am I willing to make such changes when I see God’s instructions not being followed in my assembly? What would be the consequences that I would face if I choose to fear and follow the traditions of men, and so, fail to seek the praise that comes from the only God, John 5:44?

Rowena Thomas
Mumbai, India.