Love God and Love your neighbour

Let us find Mercy at the Mercy Seat in this life threatening Pandemic, as we have a better Covenant than Moses, through the Blood of Jesus…Exodus 25:21-22.

🩸According to the Jewish tradition, there are 613 commands, in their Torah, 248 positive commandments, the do’s and 365 negative commandments, the dont’s, which is summarised as the Ten Commandments. The Law was given to maintain their moral and social responsibilities to protect the community and for law and order to be maintained some are in Exodus Chapters 21-24.

🩸From the pages of the Old Testament we know that there are numerous laws and thank God for Jesus who summarised the Laws to two laws, Love God and Love your neighbour and all other Laws hang on these two, Matthew 22:40. In fact the Law of Love is like a curtain rod, and the rest of the laws are the curtain. We can’t hang the curtain without the curtain rod! In this Lockdown we are given ample time to put our curtain rod in place. Unless our love walk is in operation the rest of the spiritual law will not operate.

🩸All through the Old Testament God was for Israel and longed to be near them. He was getting ready to dwell among His people and gave specfic instructions for building of the Tabernacle. His Dwelling Place had to be Holy. The people had to be made Holy. He had to prescribe a way for the murmuring crowd to approach His Throne Room. In spite of all their weakness and failings, Jehovah God desired to dwell among them. He wanted to tabernacle among them. It was to be a moving tabernacle, that it might move with them

🩸The Law was given to to show them that without God they can do nothing to keep the whole Law. The Law which was Good, Holy and Perfect but could not save them or keep them from falling short, Exodus 20:1-17. The Israelites on two occasions boasted to the Lord that they would do everything the Lord has Commanded them to do in Exodus 19:8 and Exodus 25:3, and we know that they did not keep the Commandments. God set His Standard Very High and gave them the Rules by which they were to conduct their lives and live Holy.

🩸God in His Mercy knew that they could not keep God’s Commandments, so He made room to atone for their sins through the sacrificial blood offering made on their behalf by the High Priest. The Pattern of the Tabernacle and the Furnitures were given to Moses, Exodus 25:9 and the Ark and The Atonement Cover which was the Mercy Seat was the furniture that was mentioned first, where the atonement for the sins were made by the sprinkling of the animal blood, though that is the last piece of furniture the high priest sees, as he enters the tabernacle. The spiritual significance of the ark is more important than what can be seen with the physical eyes.

🩸The Atonement Cover becomes the Mercy Seat and Speaking Place, Exodus 25:21-22.

🩸Jesus our Lord and Saviour is the Picture of The Mercy Seat, in his sinless nature, which saw no corruption, in personal union with his Divine nature, atoning for our sins against it, by his death. In Revelation 11:19 we see the Ark in the the Heavenly Temple. Follow the Ark in the Tabernacle and it will point to Jesus who is Our Ark, who was Hidden in Old Testament and Revealed in the New Testament Scriptures.

🩸Child of God, Remember this, God chose the people of Israel to be a peculiar people to Himself, above all the other people, and He Himself would be their King. We are now the Royal Priests who carry the Ark of His Word in this World. We are the Royal Priests and Holy Nation, 1 Peter 2:9. And that is why We Need to Read the Word to be Living Epistles for others to Read us and come to know God, 2 Corinthians 3:2-3.

🩸God Who spoke between the Blood and the Word, is the same God who still speaks between the Blood of Jesus and Word of God. In the Word of God we read that the Blood of Jesus speaks, Hebrew 12:24. The High Priest in the OT could only cover the sin annually with the animal blood, but Jesus our High Priest removed the sin forever with His own Blood, Hebrews 9: 11-14 &10:11-14.

🩸Have we been washed in the Blood and Soaked in the Word in this lockdown?

🩸We overcome the Devil by The Blood and the Word of our Testimony, in this Covid 19 Storm, Revelation 12:11…Amen.

anniekoshy@God’s Thirstydeer🦌 Breaking the Chain with You….⛓️