The observance of the Sabbath as a day of rest

*Through Moses, God’s servant, the Lord kept repeating the ordinance concerning the observance of the Sabbath as a day of rest, right in the midst of the instructions concerning the setting up of the tabernacle. Exodus 35:1-3.

This signifies that the work of building the body of Christ must always be done from a place of rest (peace with God and man) and dependance on God. Further, each one was expected to give towards this work, but not under compulsion or unwillingly, but rather cheerfully and voluntarily. Moses’ instructions telling the people to give for this work was done only under God’s direction, vs 4.

It was not Moses’ bright idea! And the people gave only as their hearts stirred them to and their spirits were willing, vs 21. Men and women alike, all were permitted to give, vs 22, of their talents, treasure and time as well, vs 23-26. God also chose certain people specifically and poured our His Spirit upon them so as to enable them do a perfect work, vs 30-35.

Similarly, when it comes to building the body of Christ, the same must be done under the Lord’s guidance and from a place of purity and peace by those who give willingly and cheerfully give of their time, talent and treasure, as led by the Holy Spirit. Moses took care to see that once the requirements were met, the people were stopped from giving more than what was required, Exodus 36:4-6!

So the people, as well as the leaders worked with integrity and all performed their service unto the Lord alone, with no hint of covetousness or self interest whatsoever! The icing on the cake, however, was that every single item was made just as the Lord had commanded Moses, with no room for man made innovations or creativity, Exodus 37 and 38: 22!
*Thus, working from a place of rest, and giving willingly and cheerfully from the heart for God’s work is what will bring Him the most glory, provided all our talents, time and treasures are aligned in implicit obedience to the way in which His Word reveals that the body of Christ should be built!

So, as we participate in the building of the body of Christ, let us refrain from working in unrest, or coercing and manipulating people to give for God’s work, or being unfaithful in the use of the time, talents and treasure which others give for God’s work, and most importantly, let us take pains to see that everything is done just as God has commanded! For only then will God be able to build His Church through us, which which will bear fruit for all eternity and bring joy to the heart of God!

Rowena Thomas
Mumbai, India.