What is reeking, stinking and piled up in our lives

🐜We could not be in a better place than to be reading the book of Exodus and the plagues of Egypt when after about 3,500 years later, we are living in the midst of a global pestilence. Who would have thought that we will be in this scenario?

🐜The plagues of Egypt came after a warning and affected only the Egyptians but Covid 19 came suddenly and has affected globally. All I know is that God has allowed it for a purpose, for a reason and a season

🐜The great point intended by all the plagues brought on Egypt was, that not only Pharaoh, but all the earth might know that the God of Israel, the Creator of heaven and earth, could do everything and anything He wants.

🐜He wants everyone to know that All things were in His hands,that all the powers of nature, in whatever shape or being, were His established laws of nature, which He could, with infinite ease, suspend or alter in any form or manner He choses

🐜Moses delivered repeatedly God’s warning. But, Pharaoh refused to heed. God would sent a plague. Pharaoh, often, supposedly repented. Then he refused once more to let God’s people to go. Another plague would be sent. Ultimately, 10 plagues occurred before Pharaoh finally let God’s people go. These plagues were: 1.Blood 2. Frogs. 3. Lice or Gnats 4. Flies 5. Death of Livestock 6. Boils 7. Hail 8. Locusts 9. Darkness 10. Death of Every Firstborn.

If 10 plagues didn’t soften Pharaoh’s heart and cause him to trust God and repent, how many pandemics should we be going through to repent and turn to God?

🐜God, used the smallest creatures against Pharaoh, like frogs, gnats and flies. This was how He humbled Pharaoh and the whole of Egypt so that they should neither eat, nor drink, nor sleep in quiet but wherever they were, they should be troubled by the small creatures. One frog in the house is enough to make me restless, imagine the whole house filled with them, in the pots and pans, cupboards and ovens, tables and chairs, beds and wardrobes and the floor carpeted with frogs!

🐸What is interesting to note is that, Pharoah was ready to put up with them for one more night. Tolerance to the reeking smell and teeming frogs showed that he was willing to live with the frogs than to be obliged either to God or Moses. Those who are defiant to God through prayer, will be made to see their need of both.

🐸It is only natural that every human being will want an instant relieve from the suffering of any plague, but not Pharaoh. He must have thought it utterly impossible to remove such a plague in an instant and therefore desired Moses to do it tomorrow. Probably he thought that he could accomplish the task of getting rid of the frogs by whatever means with the help of his magician who also could bring the frogs out of the waters, Exodus 8:7

🐸What is reeking, stinking and piled up in our lives? What frogs are we tolerating in our lives that we are still holding on to in spite of the numerous tomorrows?

🩸Come to Jesus Just As You Are, He is the only one who can give us a Frog Free Night to Live in a Frog Free Zone through the Blood of the Lamb

🐜Child of God, Remember this, instead of despairing and getting depressed about the Covid 19 as God’s punishment, we should pray and get right with God. The God who brought the Israelites out of Egypt will bring you through this pandemic.

🐜Times like this shows us how fragile we are. Use this time to do some soul searching. Is there anything in our own relationship with God that we have been putting off dealing with? Is there anyone in our lives with whom we should forgive and reconcile? Is there anyone to whom we can show God’s love and kindness in these trying times?

🐜We have very little control over what is happening and we should put our trust in God WHO is in control. God knows what is happening and what is going to happen. God’s people have stood strong through many plagues, this pandemic is not a new occurrence. Other pandemics ran their terrible course and the world eventually recovered.

💫Let this be a time that we shine for Jesus and let His light follow through us to the rest of the world, offering hope in a time of panic and pandemonium this pandemic….Amen🙏

anniekoshy@God’s Thirstydeer🦌 Breaking the Chain with You….⛓️