Pride is a downward spiral

Ezekiel 28

❇️ By your great skill in trading you have increased your wealth and because of your wealth your heart has grown proud (v5)

❇️ In the above verse the Lord points out that wealth made the king of Tyre proud. For others pride can be due to power, beauty, knowledge, position, family and their giftedness etc.

❇️ Disease is an unhealthy condition of body and mind with symptoms associated with it. By this definition Pride can be considered as a disease. Pride is the disease of the mind due to an ill conceived thought or an idea which is manifested in our attitude, words and body language.

❇️ Pro.16:18 says, ” Pride goes before destruction, a haughty spirit before a fall” This is the reason why Pride is a downward spiral.

❇️ Pride as a sin is as old as Lucifer and and as recent as us.Some signs of pride in our life are as given below.

▪️A harsh spirit – Col.2:23
▪️Entitlement – Lk.22:26
▪️Ingratitude – Exo.16:2
▪️Fault finding – e.g.: Pharisees
▪️People pleasing – Gal.1:10
▪️Hypocrisy – Mat.23:27
▪️Irreverence to God – Ps.2:11
▪️Rebellion against God etc.

❇️ Let us do a self check to see the presence of any of these signs in us. If so let us humble ourselves before God and ask him to heal us and let us also consider others better than us (Php.2:3)

✅ Insights learnt:
▪️Pride is a sin
▪️Humility is an antidote for pride
▪️Prayerlessness is one of the signs of Pride.

Vellore 🙏🏽