Imagine the turmoil and anguish these women felt!

Exodus 1:-
Today we begin a new book in the Old Testament.

The Book of Exodus tells us the events happened right after the story of Joseph.

But then, why did this Pharaoh not know who Joseph was?

Actually, almost 400 years have passed since the time of Joseph. and Israel had become so large that the Egyptians were afraid they would rise up and take over the land of Egypt.

In chapter 1, Israelites were in hopeless situations, feeling trapped and completely stuck.

As their population increased in Egypt, the new Pharaoh felt politically threatened.

So he ordered Hebrew midwives to drown all male children at birth.

Imagine the turmoil and anguish these women felt!

Here, we see 5 women – in the midst of this crisis.
Shiphrah and Puah
Moses’ Mother
Pharoah’s Daughter

In this hopeless situation, these women had a chain of courage — one act of fearlessness prompting another until the whole of these women’s actions changed history.

They courageously stood against the violence of the culture.

Is there anything that frightens us today to stand for christ?


The word brave means ready to face and endure danger or pain; showing courage.

Be Brave and Walk with the King.
Jooley Mathew Z