Lesson we need to be reminded of every single day

In this uncertain lockdown could we leave a lasting Legacy of Faith for our Children and Children’s Children?….Genesis 50:24.

🧎🏻Promoted as the Providential Provision Provider, for Israel and the world, Joseph now Prepares for His Promotion to the Presence of God, Genesis 50: 24-26

🧎🏻Joseph always had eternity in mind when he served God on earth and that was why he left instructions for his burial. He was so sure that God would deliver His people out of Egypt’s bondage that He said, God will surely come to your aid, Genesis 50:24, because Joseph was so sure about God is a Covenant keeping God.

“God will surely come to your aid, and take you out of this land
to the land he promised on oath to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.”, Genesis 50:24

🧎🏻But, we know that the Israel had to wait for 400 years for their freedom.

There are occasionally people who make unusual requests for their funerals. Usually because they want to leave a lasting impression, they want people to remember them in a certain way. Joseph wanted his family and the Israelites, that He trusted in God who will not only keep His Covenant but He is also a Remembering God. God remembered in the pit and in the prison.

🧎🏻But, we know that the Israel had to wait for 400 years for their freedom. Jacob had asked the very same thing and Joseph and brothers honored that request and took Jacob’s body back to Canaan, Genesis 50:7-14.

🧎🏻What was significant about Joseph’s unusual request for burial was that he wanted to buried in the Promised Land, but not immediately after his death But, wait until God takes the whole Israelite nation out of Egypt and back to the Promised Land. He asked his bones to be carried back to the Promised Land. He wanted his coffin to sit unburied in a place where it will be seen and remembered
and not forgotten by future generations of Israelites.

🧎🏻Joseph wanted the future Israelite generation to know that He believed God’s Word and Promise. Joseph wanted to be remembered NOT for being the Chief Admistrator of the Food Program in a World Recession, but, rather remembered for what he believed and in WHOM he believed.

🧎🏻The Israelite in their hardship and suffering would have a daily message when they saw Joseph’s unburied coffin. The very first thing they would think about was that Joseph believed the promises of God. Joseph didn’t want them to remember that he fleed from Potiphar’s wife, or the the gift of interpreting dreams or his prestigious position as the Prime Minister and reuniting his family. But to be remembered that the God of Abraham will take them out of Egypt as promised.

🧎🏻Dear Child of God, Remember this, the last great lesson from the life of Joseph is from his bones. Even in death he was teaching lessons. It is a lesson we need to be reminded of every single day in this pandemic lockdown. Do not let fear paralyze us in this pandemic situation. Live a life that will give hope to the next generation when we are gone. The heart of the Christian life is not doing, it is believing. Believing that God will always provide food for His Children, Psalm 111:5 like He did for the Israelites.

🧎🏻We often lose sight of this, that is, we forget about the believing and get carried away with our doing. It is believing that matters. All our doing should come from believing in God’s Word. It was faith in God, His Presence, His law, His judgments, His rewards,
the reality of the unseen spiritual world that enabled Joseph to be godly in the natural world.

🧎🏻This is the Victory that we have, that is, we have Faith which is the Victory that Overcomes the World, 1John 5:4….Amen🙏

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