Opportunity is the flip side of adversity

Genesis: 41
❇️God has made me fruitful in the land of my suffering (v52)

❇️ I am convinced that in every adversity there is an opportunity waiting to be unpacked. When adversity strikes we loose our hope and our balance which prevents us from seeing beyond it where an opportunity awaits.

❇️ Joseph who had the God given vision, patiently underwent misery after misery of being snatched away from his loving father Jacob, being sold as a slave, serving a Jail term for an offence not committed and finally becoming a powerful authority in Egypt. What mattered to him was fulfilling his life mission despite his personal sufferings .

❇️ We perceive that Joseph’s life mission was to save the Jacob family from the terrible famine to make sure that the lineage of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob would bringforth the Saviour of the world to bless all nations, a blessing promised to Abraham.

❇️ God gives his children vision for their life mission. Eventhough the path may be difficult if we stay the course and when the life mission is fulfilled we glorify God, bless others and experience peace ultimately.

❇️ Are we ready to fulfill God’s mission for our life despite our personal suffering ?

Insights learnt:
▪️Every adversity offers an opportunity
▪️Process justifies the end

Vellore 🙏🏽