Giving light in darkness

When we are in pitch darkness, how much we long for light? Even a small candle can make a big difference in darkness.

Electricity is making a big difference in our lives. Can we imagine, how we will manage if there is no electricity in our city/ village for one week? Even today, millions of people are living without electricity in different parts of the world.

Wherever the Good News has reached, it has made a big difference. People who were men eaters or head hunters are now going out to love people by sharing the Good News.
When we read newspapers or listen to news, we see so much of atrocities happening around us. Murder, rape, stealing, looting, corruption, exploitation…Is there a solution for all the problems around us?

As electricity is making a big difference in a house / village / city, Bible reading and study can make a big difference in the life of an individual / family / society. Let us encourage as many people as possible to read and study Bible.

You are reading this message because you are already in the Bible reading programme or someone associated with it forwarded this message to you.
God loves the whole world and we are praying about offering this opportunity to read and study God’s Word systematically to crores of people in 300 days Bible reading programme, which will be starting on 15th May 2021.

In March 2017, few people took the challenge of reading Bible in 30 days and around 25 people completed the task. It was so helpful for them that they continue reading the Bible again in 60 days, 90 days, 120, 150, 180, 210, 240 and now in 270 days… Now in the 9th round, many lakhs of people from around 80 countries are part of the programme. Now we have this programme in around 30 languages in the world. Programme can be started in any language in the world with English. This is a programme in which everyone follows a reading schedule, read and study the portion at their convenience. All those who are interested can share their insights in the group after studying the portion. This will help to understand the portion better.

Anyone from anywhere in the world can join as an admin in a new WhatsApp group, in the language of his / her choice, in the programme to add more people. You can add 10 more people as fellow admins in the group and together offer this opportunity to all your contacts. Upto 257 people could be added in a group.

How about serve as a Group Coordinator by encouraging upto 100 people to serve 100admins in new WhatsApp groups. Please offer this opportunity to all your dear ones and start writing the names and numbers of all those who are interested.

Those who are active in the Bible reading programme already can serve as a Mega Group Coordinator by encouraging more people to serve as Group Coordinators. There are Super Mega Group Coordinators also in the programme who are co ordinating lots of Mega Group Coordinators. Some of them will be co ordinating lakhs of groups under them.

Let us be concerned about our relatives, friends, neighbors, Church members, people of our state, country. Let us try to add our friends and dear ones from other parts of the world. We need your help to start the programme in new places and in new languages.

What is our time, health, education, influence, facilities, phone..if it is not used to bring others from darkness to The Light?

Please join as an admin in a new WhatsApp group to add more people or join as a Group Coordinator to start upto 100 new groups through your dear ones. Please serve as a Mega Group Coordinator to encourage many to serve as Group Coordinators.

God who used ordinary fisherman to turn the world upside down is able to use ordinary people like us in His Hands to do extraordinary things. Can we together try to add around 20 crore (200 million) people in 300 days Bible reading programme? Is anything too difficult for the Lord? Let us pray, let us try and see what the LORD is going to do.

With God, we can make a big difference in the life of our dear ones and in the world. We are LIGHTED TO LIGHTEN