Introduction to 270 Days Bible Reading

Dear Friends,

God willing on 15th July 2020, we are starting our 270 days Bible reading programme. God is adding more people through around 10,500 WhatsApp groups. Hope all the groups have got their self joining links? If all the members in a group circulate the link to all their friends, relatives, church members and groups with the introduction of the programme and encourage them to join, a group can be full in a short span of time. Happy to see that many groups are already full.

People all over the world are going through uncertanities due to COVID 19 Pandemic. It is affecting them physically, emotionally, socially, financially…Many are discouraged, disappointed, disillusioned…We know that God and His Word can comfort them, strengthen them and can give them hope in a hopeless situation.

Let us together, try to add many more millions of people, to read and study God’s Word. From each WhatsApp group, If a minimum of 25 people offer themselves as admins to start new WhatsApp groups, how many more could be added to this programme. Please show your willingness by typing YES or 👍🏼 symbol in the group. Then the present admin can take care of all the groups as a group coordinator.

The present admins can inform the present Group Coordinator about the number of new groups needed. The present Group Coordinator could serve as a Mega Group Coordinator. Similarly, the present Group Coordinators can inform the number of new groups, to your present Mega Group Coordinator. According to the need, the present Mega Group Coordinator can serve as the Super Mega Group Coordinator. We can add lakhs of groups more and many more millions of people from all over the world. We can do it because God is with us.

Let us not see the problems. Let us see all the possibilities with our Lord. We all started walking with one step and talking with one word. If we commit ourselves into His Hands, God is able to do miracles.

Let us start doing the needed now itself. Let us continue to pray and do all what we can to bring others closer to the Lord.

May His Name be glorified.