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Day 167, 270 Days Bible Reading, Monday, 28.12.20.✒

In this Lockdown we are the “Pot in Progress” on the Potter’s Wheel… Jeremiah 18:4

At the lowest point of his failed ministry, God asked Jeremiah to go to the Potter’s House and there he would get a message from the Lord, Jeremiah 18:2. The message was that although Israel had failed and grievously backslidden, the Heavenly Potter was able to Bless them again and refashion their lives if they would but repent and yield to his Perfect Potter’s Touch.

God can allow, use and manage the same afflictions in our lives just like what Jeremiah went through. If we are called by God, it is not going to be a bed of roses forever and neither will it be a bed of afflictions forever. Every afflictions has an expiry date, whereas God’s Promises are Forever.

Remember this always “He is the Potter and I am the Clay”. Sometime ago for the first time I had my hands on pottery making. I was at the Potter’s Wheel. I soon realized that you can’t become a Potter overnight. It takes one year or more for your hands to get used to the clay. The first year is only for playing with the clay dough. Your hands have to get used to the texture of the clay before you can turn it into a pot. Your hands have to be pliable, you got to learn to feel for the tiniest of sand grains to separate it from the clay, otherwise it will ruin the pottery during baking time. Your hands have to move along with the moving wheel continually to shape the clay into your designer vessel. We are God’s designer vessels. One of kind, unique and unlike anyone else.

Pottery are made with different material. Earthenware, chips easily if it is baked at lower temperatures. Such vessels have none of the inner strength needed to withstand pressure or vigorous service. Stoneware, bakes in a furnace nearly twice as hot as that for earthenware. But porcelain, baked between 2400 and 2700 degrees Fahrenheit, is the finest and most expensive type of pottery. So God knows what temperature to bake us in

So God my Potter knows when to turn me into a vessel for His use. He has to sift through for the tiniest of grains which can mar His purpose. He wants me to become a Praising Vessel not a Complaining Vessel! The more I complain the more I remain on the spinning wheel. He had to shape my Mouth to Praise Him continually and Mould my Heart to Bless Him at all times, Psalm 34:1

I have been on the Potter’s Wheel in lockdown for 10 month and all my plans came to an abrupt end. I realized that God was resetting, reshaping, restructuring my life and my Ministry. God is re-designing my mission and the way to do my ministry by adapting to the new situation. Since I am not a technical person, I thought I was going to have a long vacation and God was giving me a break from my regular ministry. Because of my lack of technical skills, I thought God would not bother me until I returned home. But God had a different plan for me. He launched me into something beyond my imagination. I balance my work adapting to four different time zones, ministering to people. It is such a blessing to realise that the Lord enabled me to reach more people in the last 10 months than I have had in the last 33 years of my ministry — crossing national boundaries, cultures, denominations.

Child of God, Remember this, Jesus has said that we will be hated and we will suffer much because of the Word especially in theEnd Times because we belong to Him. We can learn from Jeremiah’s Life that the God who Called Him was Faithful, and this should give us much Hope. Even when we preach and there are no immediate results, God will Faithfully watch over His Word to Perform, Jeremiah 1:12. We just have to be Faithful in our calling and leave the results in His Mighty Hands. Let our Heavenly Potter Refashion and Redesign us in this Lockdown as we are the pots in progress. Hotter the furnace, finer the pot….Amen🙏

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