Jesus clarifies where people stand and purifies the organization through His Word

When the Jews confronted Jesus after He healed a man on the Sabbath, He replied that He was working only because His Father was working. In other words, Jesus credibility came from results, not rhetoric, Leaders practice the Law of Solid Ground when their lives back up their words.(John 5:1-14).

As Jesus fed five thousand people with one small basket of food, the disciples learned another lesson in serving others. Jesus allowed the disciples to participate in this miracle; they served the food as it multiplied.

Through this experience, Jesus was beginning to reproduce His ministry in His followers. He taught that a pupil becomes like his teacher (Luke 6:40). When we add value by serving others it keeps adding to those under us.

My Father is working (John5:17-19), Jesus the Son is also working (John5:17; 9:4). Same way we the Child of God are to do the work.(Acts6:4; Eph. 4:12).

God is light (I john1:5), Jesus said “I am the light of the World.(John 8:12; 12:46). We the children of God are light and are to walk in the light.(Math.5:14, I John1:7).

The Father teaches (John 8:28). The Son teaches (John8:28; Acts 1:1). We the children of God are also called to be teachers of the Word of God as Father God and Son Jesus Christ.

The Father God gave us His only Son to lay down His life for us.(John 3:16). The Son Jesus Christ gave His life.(John 10:11). We as His children also ought to lay down our lives for others that is Selflessly serving others in leading them to God and His direction.(I john3:16).

The Father God is perfect. The Son is perfect, so We as His children also ought to become perfect and set the example before others like our Lord Jesus Christ.(Math.5:48; I Cor.3:18; Col.3:10), (JOHN 6: 3–14).

Jesus never pursued huge crowds. In fact, He often had to find ways to escape them! To do so, Jesus clarified the level of commitment He expected from followers. Two things always happen when a leader calls for commitment: Jesus clarifies where people stand, and Jesus purifies the organization through His Word. (John 6:41-65).