Fish which was prepared by the Lord, fish to whom the Lord spoke

Jonah 1:17, 2:10

  1. Here we see a great fish which is prepared by the Lord , to swallow the disobeyed prophet Jonah. It swallowed Jonah obeying the Lord’s command , when they threw him from the ship in to the sea. Here the Lord prepared this fish to swallow and save the life of Jonah from death. Because no purpose of God about Jonah will not be withheld. What all He wanted to do through Jonah , He fulfilled everything using Jonah. Yes , like this fish, we too are prepared to do God’s will in our life. By His grace the gospel, the word of God is prepared and given to us to fulfill His will in our life. Do we recognise this and obey Him?
  2. The fish which swallowed Jonah fasted 3 days and 3 nights. Jonah would have been more than 70 kg weight. This fish was carrying Jonah for 3 days with out swallowing any food and was fasting, even it’s stomach would not have secreted gastric juice. Because of it’s fasting Jonah’s life was saved from death. Today do we fast for the perishing or dying souls? We may fast and pray for our problems. But do we fast for other’s life?
    Our Lord Jesus carried the cross which was so heavy. He carried our sins, curses, diseases etc . This fish also carried Jonah for 3days to save not only Jonah’s life, and also , 1,20,000 people of Nineveh through Jonah. Let us also fast for the perishing souls and backsliding souls and carry them in our prayers. Also Jonah became a sign for the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.
  3. This fish’s stomach is a dark room. Here only the prophet Jonah was repenting, praying, praising and making vows to offer sacrifices. Yes, in our life too, we should call up on Jesus and submit our life for God’s will and purpose to be done before we face dark room, floods, waves experiences and weeds of the sea to wrap around us.
  4. The Lord spoke to this fish to vomit Jonah in the dry land. The fish obeyed God’s command and swam from the depth of the sea to the shore and vomitted him on to the dry land. Imagine the obedience of this fish. Do we obey God as He advises?

Yes, let us praise God for this Jonah’s big fish. We see another fish in the Bible , which was caught with the money in it’s mouth to pay tax for Jesus and His desciples. Not only that when we taste the delicacies of various fishes in our daily food , let us praise God for this creation, which is multiplying so rapidly to feed the whole world. Let us learn from the prepared fish of Jonah and hear the voice of our Lord when God spoke to us . Amen. Hallelujah.

Dr. Padmini Selvyn.