Don’t let the Lockdown Limit your access

Don’t let the Lockdown Limit your access to the Limitless Inheritance in Christ Jesus as the Israelites who Limited their Inheritance in a Limitless Land Set Apart for them…..Joshua Chapter 17:14-18

🤺 In this lockdown, we are living in a hostile environment with the Covid 19 challenges and though Satan is still the Prince of the World, remember he is a defeated foe, with no authority or power over the Redeemed ones, therefore let us not be deceived into compromising our inheritance, but instead keep on conquering and occupying until Jesus returns.

🤺 Along with our salvation and inheritance, comes duties and responsibilities which we don’t want to know about. Though we enter in the Rest of Jesus spiritually, there is so much to be done physically, because there are so many territories to be conquered for Him.

🤺Israel was looking forward to finally entering the Promised Land and owning their own Real Estate for each Tribe, Clan and Family. What they didn’t realize was that, connected with the inheritance of the land was an obligation to finish conquering it and to occupy fully.

🤺God said to Joshua repeatedly and over and over again, that He had already accomplished victory over Israel’s Canaanite enemies before the army even went to battle, and everywhere their foot touched, the land was theirs, Joshua 1:3-4. But, by the time we come to Chapter 17, we see that some of the tribes didn’t want their full inheritance and they compromised with their enemies and gave so much of excuses to possess their inheritance.

🤺The 12 tribes were a formidable army to take the whole of Canaan but as we see in Joshua Chapter 17,
the army of Israel had mostly disbanded and each tribe fielded its own task force. Each tribe was primarily concerned for itself and not as a Nation on the whole. In Chapter 18, seven tribes had yet to receive their inheritance. They became complacent.


🤺It was not that they were not given land. It was because they refused it because they could not be bothered to take responsibility to conquer and govern!

🤺Let us learn in this lockdown from some of the disputes among the tribes, and reflect on how we too can be hindered from making progress in our faith walk, Joshua 17:14-18.

🤺Ephraim and Manessah were unhappy with the amount of land they received and they wanted more. Since they were Joseph’s sons they certainly deserved special treatment. They were unhappy with the land allotment process and arrogantly lodged a complaint to Joshua.

🤺Joshua was too brilliant a leader, so experienced and tough to accept any nonsense from the Joseph tribes and he suggested that since they pride in themselves as being so great and mighty that they ought to use some of their vast labour force to clear the trees for fields, and to take all the land they needed from the Canaanites. The Joseph tribes wanted everything on a silver platter. They wanted land from other tribes, which other tribes fought and conquered.

🤺Now they are whining even more saying that the forest land was not enough and the people occupying the Valley are more powerful and have iron chariots, Joshua 17:16. But, the fact is, according to the census, they were a large number to take out the occupants, and territory given to the sons of Joseph was quite large, at least as large as Judah’s and it was the most fertile land and these two tribes could feed the whole 12 tribes.

🤺The request of the Joseph tribes had no merit and it was self – serving. Joshua stuck to his decision and reiterated that since they were confident in their vast population, it should not be beyond them to defeat these Canaanites with their iron chariots, Joshua 17:17-18.

🤺Dear Child of God, Remember this, Joshua was a Leader Set Apart, who Distributed the Limitless Land that was Set Apart as the Promised Land, for a People Set Apart by God, Who Limited their Inheritance! They limited themselves and were content with what they had because of excuse, laziness, compromise and not wanting to take responsibility.

🤺We as believers are accountable to God for everything God has given, and to be responsible for every blessing, to expand our territories for Him, even in our limitations in this Lockdown.
We are take back from Satan what is rightfully ours and bring people into the Kingdom of His Light

🤺We are take back from Satan what is rightfully ours and bring people into the Kingdom of His Light in this pandemic situation and not slacking because we are shut in. We have to obey the Word of God and be a Selfless servant like Joshua….Amen 🙏

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Breaking the Chain with You….⛓️