Leader concerned for his people

In these last chapters of the book of Joshua, we see a leader concerned for his people and their relationship with the Lord.

In chapter 23 Joshua addresses the leaders of Israel,and is urging the nation to stay devoted to the Lord.

Joshua was the man God had used to bring the Israelites into the Promised Land of Canaan.

After years of hardship and faithful service, Joshua’s work was done.
He was an old man. His death was near, and he knew it.

He gathered the Israelites’ leaders together one more time to say goodbye.

As he did, he was pleading with the people, “Hold fast to the LORD your God.” DON’T LET GO.

Hold fast to the LORD your God.

Stay focused. Don’t get distracted.

Holding fast to God is a challenge in any century.
we know our hearts………………. .
We know that it is impossible to keep focused on God every day of every moment.
We know that we wander and associate with those pagan ways in our world.
We know that we are sinners.

Clinging to God means trusting Him- Especially during times of frustration, disappointment, distress, and trouble… we must learn how to hold fast to the Lord… to cling to Him and never let go…

We have everything we need to walk in victory!
And we need to do exactly what Joshua did –
be with God,
obey His commands,
meditate on His Word, and
hide it in our hearts.

Be steady in our walk.

Jooley Mathew