Why is my Lord weeping?

1 kINGS 8: 12:- ““Why is my Lord weeping?” asked Hazael.”

HERE we see the ministry of Elisha, which reveals how God is at work in Israel.

God has been using Elisha to bless for those who are seeking and trusting God.

God blessed them with miraculous deliverance, and merciful and insightful warnings.

We called them “The Blessed”.

Regardless of their hardships they had God on their sideAnd therefore they always seemed to find deliverance.

But for those who did not seek or trust God,we called them “The Cursed”.

Regardless of the situation, life would never go as plannedAnd they found themselves suffering continuously because of their sin.

In the verse above we see that Prophet wept.
What makes a prophet weep? Or, what made Elisha weep?

Elisha obviously wept because he could see the destruction and death that was coming to his people Israel through the hand of Hazael.

Behind that thought however was Elisha’s sadness at the state and heart of the Israeli people. They were far from God.
So much so that God was now allowing a wicked king to rise up and persecute them so that their hearts would turn again to Him.
That’s what made God’s prophet weep.

But ……
what about God? Does He weep?
Or maybe…….

What made Jesus weep?
Can you think of any incidents when the Lord wept?

Jesus wept at Lazarus’ Tomb
Aslo Jesus wept over Jerusalem for all that would come upon them.
Is it time to warn people to flee from the judgment that will come if we do not return to God*

As Christians, we are to guard against our own tendency to sow to our own flesh instead of the Spirit.

Let us follow our Lord’s example and rightly weep over the things that make Him weep.

May we have a heart like His!
Jooley Mathew Z