Selfless Leader

🌹 Selfless Leader 🌹

Joshua was a different, distinguished leader who excelled in spiritual maturity. Inspite of being the oldest, he made no immediate demand for his inheritance. After ALL the tribes and clans were allotted their inheritance, Joshua was the LAST to receive his share. His portion was given:

📍 As per the Word of the Lord

📍 By the children of Israel

📍 The city which he asked for

Joshua was devoid of greed and covetousness. He abided by the rules and selected a land that was among his own tribe Ephraim. Timnath Serah was in the mountain and Joshua built the city and dwelt in it. Joshua lived, died and was buried in Timnath Serah.

Joshua the man chosen by God for an important task was humble, law abiding and selfless. His focus was to first fulfill the duties God had entrusted in his hands.

Dear ones in Christ, are we focused in fulfilling God’s calling in our life? Do we have a humble and selfless attitude? God needs people who would serve Him with humility, selflessness and obedience.

Can we consecrate ourselves to be channels used for His glory?

Mrs Sheela Jebakumar ✍️
September 3, 2020