What was Joshua’s qualification for serving God

Joshua 3:7 And the lord said to Joshua. Today I will begin to exalt you in the eyes of all Israel,so they may know that I am with you as I was with Moses

It was very difficult for Joshua to fit into the shoes of Moses. Moses was a mighty man of God, who was feared and respected by everyone for 40 years _ a man who could solve every problem with God’s help.After Moses died, he had to lead 2 million Israelites.

Lord said to Joshua Don’t worry, I will exalt you before people God can exalt you before people in such a way that they respect you.

Through Joshua’s leading the people safely thro’ the Jordan river, Lord exalts Joshua so that the people * stood in awe of him just as they had stood in awe of Moses 4:14

God Himself must let people know that you are His servant.There must be an anointing on your life and on the words you speak.Then people will know that God is with you.

Jesus had no earthly qualification to impress people with. Neither did the apostles.But they had the anointing of the spirit and God was with them.

What was Joshua’s qualification for serving God? God was with him. What was Jesus qualification for serving God? Acts 10:38 God was with Him.What was Moses qualification? God was with him. What was David qualification to kill Goliath. God was with him. Satan will fear you only when he sees that God is with you.

Cynthia Sathiaraj