True successful pleader with our Father in heaven

Judges: 1:15 “Give me a blessing; since you have given me land in the South, give me also springs of water.”

This little story is recorded twice in the Bible, both in Judges 1:12-15 and Joshua 15:16-19.

Achsah was a good woman, the daughter of Caleb; she was the only daughter of Caleb.

This was the same Caleb that was amongst the twelve men Moses sent to spy out the promised land.

Achsah is the exact picture of the true successful pleader with our Father in heaven.
This is a living lesson and beautiful parable on prayer.

#1. She Realized What she Really Needed
Do we really know what we REALLY need before we go to our heavenly father?

Achsah was not being greedy, she was asking for what she needed.

Her father granted her request willingly and without hesitation. It was within his power to give and he knew it was a legitimate request.

#2 She requested Father Boldly. When we pray, remember that we are making the request to “Our Father, who is in heaven.”

#3. She knew it was her father she asked.
#4. She went humbly, yet eagerly.
#5. Her father asked her what she wanted –
When God will ask us the same thing, and we should know what we want.

Our Father in heaven is asking us today, “What do you want?”

If we know what we need, go to God boldly with our request.
Our Father in heaven loves to answer our request.

#6. She mingled gratitude with her petition (you have given me land in the South).

She remembered her Past Blessings with Gratitude
She used past blessing as a reason to ask for more.

So let’s pour out our heart before the Lord, with all the simple ease and naturalness of a trustful, loving child.

Jooley Mathew Z