Christ’s empty tomb fills us with hope

270 Days Bible Study Insights Luke1
Luke – a doctor, a Greek and Gentile Christian. He is the only known Gentile author in the New Testament. Luke was a close friend and companion of Paul. He also wrote Acts, and the two books go together.

1:1-2. Luke tells Jesus’ story from Luke’s unique perspective of a Gentile, a physician, and the first historian of the early church. Though not an eyewitness of Jesus’ ministry, Luke nevertheless is concerned that eyewitness accounts be presented accurately and that the foundations of Christian belief be transmitted intact to the next generation. In Luke’s Gospel are many of Jesus’ parables. In addition, more than any other Gospel, it gives specific instances of Jesus concern for women.

1:3-4 As a medical doctor, Luke knew the importance of being thorough. He used his skills in observation and analysis to thoroughly investigate the stories about Jesus. His diagnosis? The gospel of Jesus Christ is true! You can read Luke’s account of Jesus’ life with confidence that it was written by a clear thinker and a thoughtful researcher. Because the gospel is founded on historical truth, our spiritual growth must involve careful , disciplined and thorough investigation of God’s Word so that we can understand how God has acted in history. If this kind of study is not part of your life, find a Pastor, teacher or even a book to help you get started and to guide you on this important part of Christian growth.

1:13. John means “the Lord is gracious”, and Jesus means “ the Lord saves”. Both names were prescribed by God, not chosen by human parents. Throughout the Gospels, God acts graciously and saves his people. He will not withhold salvation from anyone who sincerely comes to him.

1:15 This is Luke’s first mention of the Holy Spirit, the third person of the Trinity ; Luke refers to the Holy Spirit more than any other Gospel writer. Luke recognised and emphasised the Holy Spirit’s work in directing the founding of Christianity and in guiding the early church. The presence of the Spirit is God’s gift given to the entire church at Pentecost. Prior to that, God’s Spirit was given to the faithful for special tasks. We need the Holy Spirit’s help to do God’s work effectively.

1:34. The birth of Jesus to a virgin is a miracle that many people find it hard to believe. These three facts can Aid our faith:(1). Luke was a medical doctor, and he knew perfectly well how babies are made. It would have been just as hard for him to believe in a virgin birth as it is for us, and yet he reports it as fact.(2). Luke was a painstaking researcher who based his Gospel on eyewitness accounts. Tradition holds that he talked with Mary about the events he recorded in the first two chapters. This is Mary’s story, not a fictional invention. (3). Christians and Jews who worship God as the Creator of the universe, should believe that God has the power to create a child in a virgin’s womb.

1:76. Zechariah had just recalled hundreds of years of God’s Sovereign work in history, beginning with Abraham .and going onto eternity. Then, in tender contrast, he personalised the story. His son had been chosen for s key role in the drama of the ages. Although God has unlimited power, he chooses to work through frail humans who begin as helpless babies. Don’t minimise what God can do through those who are faithful to him.

1:80 – why did John live out in he desert? Prophets used the isolation of the uninhabited desert to enhance their spiritual growth and to focus their message on God. By being in the desert, John remained separate from the economic and political powers so that he could aim his messages against them. He also remained separate from the hypocritical religious leaders of his day. His message was different from theirs, and his life proved it.
Clara Radhakrishna

The first Resurrection Day began with gloom and despair for the disciples of our Lord. Seeing their resurrected Lord made all the difference. It changed mourning into gladness, weeping into joy. All their mourning and weeping had been unnecessary. His enemies remembered but His disciples forgot. They were filled with sorrow because they didn’t believe His promise. I too can have great reason to be filled with joyous anticipation and hope as I await the coming of my resurrected Lord.  
Truth is: Christ’s empty tomb fills us with hope.
Barrenness, whether physical or spiritual, can lead to bitterness in some of God’s people. Zacharias and Elizabeth is a model for anyone who is facing physical or spiritual barrenness. To avoid developing a bitter spirit in my life, I must faithfully serve and obey the Lord in the place where He has called me. Trust God to bless us in His time, in His way, and according to His plan. I pray to God to keep me from being bitter; when things don’t go my way, and grant me grace and wisdom to do God’s will today.
Truth is: Be faithful—and leave the results with God.
All Glory to Lord Jesus Christ.
Br. John Rajan/Admin.,
GCO. Shanthi Samuel,

Luke 1:41
When Elizabeth heard Mary’s greeting, the baby leaped in her womb, and Elizabeth was filled with the Holy Spirit.”
💕 Elizabeth was an 👵 old and a barren woman. Though she and her husband Zacharias lived a righteous life before God and followed all the Commandments of God, still they were childless and now become an old 👫 couple. According to human knowledge (science) it was impossible for them to have their own children. But nothing is impossible for God .(Luke 1:37)
God had great plans for them. (Jeremiah 29:11) God in His great love and mercy blessed Zacharias and Elizabeth with a child, who would bring joy and gladness in their lives and would also make others rejoice at his birth. (Luke 1:14)

💕 God chose John as a forerunner for His Son Jesus who would be born as the Saviour of the world. Elizabeth was happy that God had shown her favour and taken away her disgrace (barrenness).

💕 Mary, visited her cousin Elizabeth when she received the good news about her pregnancy and went to assist her who was now advanced in age. Mary’s greeting not only filled Elizabeth with the joy of the Holy Spirit🕊️ but also baby John leaped in her womb with joy. (Luke 1:44)
💕 Children of God, wherever Jesus is, Mother Mary is also present. Our Mother Mary and Jesus will always assist us through the Holy Spirit and direct our paths to live a righteous and humble life in the Spirit just as the Holy Spirit lead Zacharias and Elizabeth in their lives. Amen.
6975 – Patsy Fernandes