What an amazing born again experience

Praise the Lord. I thank God for His unchanging, unfailing promises He has given us through His Word. I came to a personal relationship with Jesus in October 1998.

Coming from a pagan background, having an encounter with the true living God was really a life changing experience, finding a priceless pearl. Oh what an amazing born again experience, seeing the Lord speaking to me through His Word, the Holy Spirit leading and guiding me and my family. The day I got saved I started reading the scripture and developed such a burning passion for His Word. The Lord in His mercy saved my husband two years later. We have five children and by the grace they are saved and love the Lord. We moved to Canada from India a few years ago but the Lord is very faithful and kept our children away from this culture.

My younger two children are still small but I praise and thank God that they are able to witness to their teachers, classmates and friends. My oldest daughter is in University and she actively working there to witness and leading students to Christ. All my children along with my husband and me wake up early morning for our family prayers and as a family we finish the Bible twice a year. We have our personal Bible reading and quiet time, where I encourage them to spend time and meditate and memorize the scripture. We feel very blessed to know Jesus as He has proved His faithfulness over and over to us.

We went and still going through a lot of challenges but our faith is in the promises of God. We keep on holding on to the Word of God and we as a family have seen His promises manifested in our lives. He is always faithful and on time. Our faith has grown so much in the Lord as we see Him working in our lives. I always keep reminding myself that the Just shall live by faith and faith comes by hearing and hearing the Word of God. During this pandemic we all are at home so whatever time I got I read the scripture and by God’s grace I finished reading the entire Bible 8 times in 2020.

I thank God for this Bible reading program as it has been a tremendous blessing to me and my family especially reading the insights which is encouraging and building up our faith. I thank God for Rev Abraham for giving him the burden and desire to start this program. I feel very blessed and privileged to be a part of this. Thank you brother Abraham and everyone who is involved and taking time to write these insights which is so beneficial and all the admins, coordinators who are working to make this happen. May God richly bless you all and continue to bless this and add many to His kingdom and give everyone a passion , hunger and thirst for His Word as it is living and His promises are true and amen forever settled in Heaven.

Heaven and earth shall pass away but His Words shall not pass. So I encourage everyone to read your Bible everyday and keep reminding ourselves that the best book to read is the Bible. Amen.

In Christ. Cheryl.