Coming to God in prayer with a self-righteous spirit is an absolute demerit

Luke 18

The parable of the persistent widow teaches us the power of persistent prayer prayed in line with God’s Word! Jesus also exhorts us never to give up, no matter how bad things look, but to always pray in faith believing that our heavenly Father is far, far, far.. better and righteous in comparison to any human authority, vs 1-6, who will surely give justice speedily to His elect who seek Him in faith and with persistence for what is legally their right in Christ Jesus, vs 7,8!

However, coming to God in prayer with a self-righteous spirit is an absolute demerit, which is sure to bring negative results, vs 9-14! So, humility and a sense of one’s own unworthiness is also an important ingredient when it comes to praying effectively! For without humility and childlike faith is a impossible to enter God’s Kingdom or benefit from any of its treasures, vs 15-17! When a certain rich, young ruler tried to enter into the Kingdom of God and partake of eternal life on account of his own ability, he was found wanting and turned back sorrowfully, vs 18-25! He didn’t realise that one could only be saved and partake of eternal life only by God’s power made available to us as a free gift, through Christ Jesus our Lord, vs 26-27, Romans 6:23. On refusing to come to the Lord in that way, and ceasing from trying to gain this free gift in his own strength and merit, he lost out eternally! However, those who gave up all their possessions and abilities in order to enter the Kingdom by God’s grace and power alone, would definitely stand to be benefitted in this life, along with persecutions, as well as in the age to come too, vs 28-30! Yet, what not many understand is that a resurrected life with Christ can only come about, as we choose to become partakers in His death, which is made possible to us through the many unpleasant people and circumstances that come across our lives, vs 31-34!

We need to be passionate in seeking the Lord Jesus, irrespective of people’s opinions, and desperate about being freed from such spiritual blindness, just as the blind man spoken about at the end of this chapter was, vs 35-43, so that we can receive revelation on these truths and walk in the power and deliverance that they bring us! For eventually, as we are so set free, God will receive glory and praise through our lives! Amen.

Rowena Thomas