Luke 2-4 Insights

270 Days Bible Study Insights Luke 2-4
2:1. Luke is the only Gospel writer who related the events he recorded to world history. His account was addressed to. Predominantly Greek audience that would have been interested in and familiar with the political situation. Palestine was under the rule of the Roman Empire. Emperor Ceaser Augustus, the first Roman Emperor, was in charge. The Roman rulers, considered to be like gods, stood in contrast to the tiny baby in a manger who was truly God in the flesh.

2:7. Although our first picture of Jesus is as a baby in a manger, it must not be our last. The Christ-child in the manger has been made into a beautiful Christmas scene, but we cannot leave him there. This tiny, helpless baby lived an amazing life, died for us, ascended into heaven, and will come back to this earth as King of kings. Christ will rule the world and judge all people according to their decisions about him. Do you still picture Jesus as a baby in a manger—or is he your Lord? Make sure you don’t underestimate Jesus. Let him grow up in your life.

3:7. – What motivates your faith — fear of the future, or a desire to be a better person in a better world? Some people wanted to be baptised by John so they could escape eternal punishment, but they didn’t turn to God for salvation. John had harsh words for such people. He knew that God values reformation above ritual. Is your faith motivated by a desire for a new, changed life, or is it only like a vaccination or insurance policy against possible disaster?

4:11-14. John’s message demanded at leat three specific responses:(1) share what you have with those who need it. (2). Whatever your job is, do it well and with fairness, and (3) Be content with what you are earning. John had no time to address comforting messages to those who lived careless or selfish lives—he was calling the people to right living. What changes can you make in shAring what you have; doing your work honestly and well, and being content?

3:21 , 22 If baptism was a sign of repentance from sin, why did Jesus ask to be baptised? Several explanations are often
given:(1). Jesus baptism was one step in fulfilling his earthly mission of identifying with our humanity and sin; (2) by endorsing the rite of baptism, Jesus was giving us an example to follow;(3). Jesus was announcing the beginning of his public ministry;(4) Jesus was being baptised for the sins of the nation. The Holy Spirit’s appearance in the form of a dove showed thT God’s plan for salvation was entered in Jesus. Jesus was the perfect human who didn’t need baptism for repentance but he was baptised anyway on our behalf.

4:1-13. Knowing and obeying God’s Word is an effective weapon against temptation, the only offensive weapon provided in the Christian’s ‘armor’(Eph.6:17). Jesus used Scripture to counter Satan’s attacks, and you can too. But to use it effectively you must have faith in God’s promises, because Satan also knows Scripture is adept at twisting it to suit its purposes. Obeying the Scripture is more important than simply having a verse to quote. . So reAd them daily and apply them to your life. Then your “sword “ will
Always be sharp.

4:36 Evil permeates our world, and it is no wonder that people are often fearful. But Jesus! Power is far greater than Satan’s. The first step toward conquering fear of evil is to recognise Jesus authority and power. He has overcome all evil including Satan himself.

4:42. – Jesus had to get up very early just to get some time alone. If. Jesus needed solitude for prayer and refreshment, how much more is this true for us? Don’t become so busy that life turns into a flurry of activity leaving no room for quiet fellowship alone with God. No matter how much you have to do, you should always have time for prayer.
Clara Radhakrishna

Luke 2: 25-26 “Now there was a man in Jerusalem called Simeon, who was righteous and devout and was eagerly waiting for the Messiah…… by the Holy Spirit that he would not die before he had seen the Lord’s Messiah.”
In today’s passage we see two elderly persons – Simeon and Hannah – who rejoice and praise God at the sight of the infant Jesus and recognize him as the Savior.

Luke 2:25-26 tells us that Simeon was a devout and righteous person who was promised by the Holy Spirit that he would meet the Messiah.

Here we see several things about Simeon:
He is “righteous”
He is “devout,” means, God-fearing,
The Holy Spirit rests upon him.

In the above verse we saw the phrase “waiting” ..
In this context the meaning of “waiting” means “to look forward to, wait for ….

Waiting upon the Lord is one of the hardest aspects of a Christian journey.

When we’re waiting for something, sometimes we feel like a torture for God’s perfect timing.

Have we been waiting and praying about a situation in our life for a breakthrough?
Are we wondering why the answer hasn’t come yet?

Sometimes we find ourselves it’s hard to imagine waiting one more second.
We have all struggled with our relationship with God as we restlessly wait upon him.

We often wondered, where is God in the silence and darkness of my struggles?
Is he really there?

In times of waiting, it’s important to remind ourselves that the Lord’s plans for us have been set since “before the beginning of time.”

So…… we need to keep waiting on God and trusting Him with a sweet and simple faith

God’s plans are perfect, because He is perfect

So don’t give up!
Don’t stop believing!

Stay full of hope and expectation.

Jooley Mathew Z