Jesus used an unusual way of healing the man

Mark 7

The Pharisees being unable to obey the commandments of Moses from their hearts, began adding to those commandments in a bid to please God in other ways that they thought possible through their own self effort. These came to be known as the ‘traditions of the elders’!

The sad part about the same was that they imposed the obedience to these commands, (which were primarily outward rituals and which had no power whatsoever to gain mastery over inward sinful indulgences) on others in such a manner that made it seem like those who disobeyed those ‘traditions of the elders’, were disobeying God’s commandments, which wasn’t true at all! Jesus, therefore, set the record straight when they came to him with such a meaningless complaint against His disciples, vs 1-5!

Infact, He explained to them that it was they who were setting aside the commandments of God in order to follow the man-made traditions of the elders! On giving them an example of the same, He tried to make they understand that it was they who were actually disobeying God’s Word, and so had become worshippers who worship God from afar, vs 6-13! He went on further to explain to His disciples that eating various foods cannot defile a person from the standpoint of eternity, but it is sin that proceeds from within a man that can defile him from an eternal standpoint, if not repented of and atoned for before he leaves this earth, vs 14-23!

Are we too, just like the Pharisees, condemning others for disobeying man-made rules which have no relevance to the commandments in God’s Word?

Do we allow others to judge us and pressurize us to submit to their legalistic demands, just to gain their favour and so appear humble before men, instead of trembling only before God’s Word?

The Syrophenician woman received her healing on account of her humility, her persistence and faith in the fact that there was nothing too hard for the Lord to do; and she waited patiently no matter how long she had to wait, or no matter how much the disciples dissuaded her or how much it seemed that the Lord was humiliating her by His delay in answering her, or the strong words of truth that He used to correct her! She was determined not to let go, until her need was met! And thus, she did indeed, receive what she asked for, coupled with a lavish commendation from the Saviour as well, vs 24-30!

Am I as humble, zealous, persistent and full of faith when I wait on the Lord for answers to prayers, prayed in line with His perfect will?

While in Galilee, they brought to Him a man that was deaf, and had an impediment in his speech; and they pleaded with Him to put His hand upon him. On this occasion, Jesus used an unusual way of healing the man, namely by putting his fingers into his ears, and spitting and touching his tongue; and lo and behold, as Jesus commanded them to be opened, the man’s ears were opened and his tongue was loosed, so that he began speaking plainly, vs 31-35. The crowd was astonished and commented that Jesus indeed did all things well! They kept spreading the news about His doings, inspite of Him charging them not to do so, vs 36,37!

Am I open to being led by the Holy Spirit on being led to pray for the healing of others, in terms of the method He uses to do so, or do I follow a ritual that goes down well with those around me in order to avoid being ridiculed or trolled for the same?

Being led by the commandments of God and the Holy Spirit’s leading was the only way in which Jesus led His life and ministry. May we too be zealous to follow in His footsteps, and so become worshippers who worship God in spirit and truth, and so delight the heart of the Father, no matter who all may get offended in the bargain! Amen.

Rowena Thomas
Mumbai, India.