Genealogies from Adam to the sons of Azel

The first nine chapters of 1 Chronicles list these genealogies from Adam to the sons of Azel.

From the beginning of the Hebrew nation, God has carefully recorded and preserved a registration of the names of every tribe and family.

The subject of the genealogies finishes with 1 Chronicles 9:34.
Verses 35 to 44, talks about Saul’s family.

There is always one principle that God follows in this process of selectivity.

When God excludes a name*from the genealogy or from a family, it is always ON THE *BASIS OF THE APPEARANCE OF A DISOBEDIENT HEART.

Wherever disobedience occurs, that name is dropped.

We can see this principle throughout this entire genealogy.

God is not pleased with leaders that are disobedient or full of pride.

We should take obedience very seriously, God told Saul that “Rebellion is as sinful as witchcraft, and stubbornness as bad as worshiping idols.”

Disobedience is a big deal!

We have to protect our heart’s selfishness, disobedience and pride can cause us to rebel against God and will take away our usefulness in God’s kingdom work.

Let’s pray to God………….
LORD……….Take my pride away Lord, my selfishness too, I want to be completely obedient to you.

Do you have a disobedient heart?

Jooley Mathew Z