Saving but losing

I wonder what this young man actually wanted when he came to Jesus and asked, ”How may I obtain (take hold of) eternal life?”

The most common concept of eternal life is immortality, living forever in heaven.

Maybe that is what he was asking >> ”How do I make sure that when the roll is called up yonder, I’ll be there? How do I earn enough brownie points to make sure I make it to heaven?”

Jesus gave him a list of commandments and said that if he kept them, he would enter into life.

Did you notice one curious omission? Jesus left out love the Lord Your God.

The young man didn’t notice the omission. Instead, he was quick to point out that he had kept all these commandments.

He asked a poignant question, “What do I still lack?”

Jesus replied, ”If you want to be complete/ perfect,… sell… come, follow Me.

🔑 The key element in that statement is actually not about selling. It is about coming & following Jesus.
🔑 Because, as Jesus Himself said, Eternal life means to know, experience, and enjoy intimate fellowship with God the Father, and Jesus. [Rf John 17:3]
🔑 If this man really wanted eternal life, he would have to leave his Adamic comforts, security & identity, and akoloutheō with Jesus … walk with Him, “interning” with Him, growing in friendship with Him… because that is the source of eternal life.

The young man missed the point completely. He only heard the “sell possessions” bit and was distressed because his wealth & the privileges it brought him were the “god” he loved with all his heart.

This young man is the perfect example of a person who was on a quest to find himself. All his law-keeping didn’t bring him a sense of fulfillment. He knew he needed something more… but…

🚩 He did not take up his cross – he was so happy with his law-keeping performance, that he could not see that he had sinned by breaking the first commandment to love the LORD with all his heart.
🚩 He did not deny himself – he did not break his connection with his old Adamic life.
🚩 He saved his old life – he chose to hold onto his possessions.
[Rf Mat 10:38-39, Mat 16:24-25]

⚠️ In doing so, he totally missed the gift of life that Jesus was offering him. He missed out on the very thing that he needed to feel complete.

He wanted to know what to do. … The 2 blind men on the road to Jericho, knew they could not heal themselves. They cried out to Jesus to heal them, and they received their eyesight.

🕶️ The Pharisees were blinded by their traditions to true righteousness Jesus was leading them into.
🕶️ The young man was blinded by possessions to the true treasure Jesus was offering him.

⚠️They were not even aware of their blindness…

🤔What is my “god”… the thing that I feel that I cannot absolutely give up?
🤔What is blinding me?
🤔What am I missing out on because I am focused on the wrong things?

Touch and heal the eyes of my heart, Lord Jesus! Take away all blindness. Help me to cut away all that would block me from following You whole-heartedly. Amen.