We did not acquire any land (Property)

Nehemiah 5:16.
NEHEMIAH was appointed as the Governor of Judah by King Artaxerxes of Persia in 445 BC. He served as the Governor for 12 years, till 433 BC in his first term. He was instrumental in rebuilding the broken walls of Jerusalem in just 52 days.

Nehemiah was a man of concern, a man of prayer and a man of action. He was an exemplary leader and his attitude to power, facilities and money is challenging.

Life of former Governers. Neh.5:15.

  • Placed a heavy burden on people.
    -Took 40 shekels of silver besides food and wine.
  • They and their assistants lorded it over the people.
    -They used to enjoy all the privileges.5:14b.
  • They acquired lots of property for themselves.5:16.

Nehemiah was a different person due to reverence for God. 5:15b.

Nehemiah as Governor.
-He personally devoted himself to the work.5:16.
-He encouraged all his assistants to devote themselves for the work.5:16.
-He never demanded the food alloted to the Governer as he was more concerned about the problems of his people.5:14,18.

As Nehemiah was a person who walked the talk, he was able to motivate all the Jews , to rise up and build the broken walls of Jerusalem. Inspite of all the internal and external problems and oppositions, the construction of the wall was completed in 52 days.Neh.6:15.

I am in the ministry for nearly 40 years. Purposely decided not to buy any land by myself and no fixed deposits anywhere.( I got some ancestral property)

Are we people who are using our opportunities to acquire worldly properties or are we people with a difference out of reverence for God?

Are we willing to give up many of our rights for the extension of God’s Kingdom?
Are we investing our time, talents and resources for the building up of God’s Kingdom?
Are we different from others because of our faith in Jesus?