Kindness to the house of Saul 2 Samuel 9

David was looking to show kindness to Saul’s descendants for Jonathan’s sake. Jonathan ‘ s son Mephibosheth, a surviving member of the house of Saul was a cripple all his life. At the age of 5, he had an accident that made him cripple. It was common in those times for kings to put their predecessor’ s surviving family members to death. Mephibisheth knew David had good reason to hate Saul who had hunted down and tried to kill him.

But David said to Mephibosheth Fear Not He assured him I will surely show kindness for the sake of your father He loved him David fulfilled his covenant to Jonathan. Jonathan had told David …. Show unfailing kindness like that of the lord do not cut off your kindness from my family 1 Sam 20: 14_16 I will restore thee all the land Mephibosheth regained all his inheritance. David also said Thou shall eat bread at my table continually Eating at the kings table was a high honor .David gave this privilege to him

But Mephibosheth considered himself to be like a dead dog who deserved nothing. But the grace of God lifts us “dead dogs” to sit with Him at His table

Cynthia Sathiaraj