Very careful before making commitments to God or man

God attested the desire of the daughters of Zelophehad to be partakers of their father’s inheritance because he had no sons as his successors, *Numbers 27.

Had they been content with the ritualistic way in which things were done they would have lost out on what God actually desired them to have.* They did this in connection with their material inheritance and were commended for the same.

How much more will God be pleased with those who contend earnestly (in the true humility of Christ) for their spiritual inheritance, refusing to be complacent about the same. God tests us to see whether we will be spiritually complacent just to fit in with the ritualistic rules and regulations of our time.

When we respond in such a way, it goes to show our lack of zeal for the things of God and our lack of desire to actually find out God’s heart concerning those matters that pertain to us, but which have been hidden under the dreary desert sands of dead habit!

God has a place and a calling for each one of us in the body of Christ, whether male or female. If we choose to be complacent about the same because we love the praise of men more than we love the praise of God, we shall end our lives falling short of accomplishing all that God had written in His book for us to do, both in terms of life and ministry! And that will be tragic indeed!

It is commendable to see Moses asking God to appoint a new leader in place of him and not choosing someone according to his own whims and fancies, vs 15. A good example to follow indeed! The daily sacrifices of burnt offerings, sin offerings with the accompanying grain, oil and drink offerings were mandatory, in addition to the weekly Sabbath and yearly festivals of the Passover, the Harvest, Ingathering, Trumpets, day of Atonement and feast of Tabernacles.

This goes to show us the importance of cleansing ourselves from all known sin on a daily basis and offering the best that we receive unto the Lord, thus making sure His presence dwells in our midst and as a means to remind ourselves that He alone is our Source and Provider and the Giver of every good and perfect gift, Numbers 28,29. Vows made by a woman who was married or who lived in her father’s house when unmarried were considered null and void if not approval by them on the very first day that her husband or father heard about the same.

However, if these did not disapprove of her vow or simply choose to be silent with regard to the same then her vow stood and had to be fulfilled by her. If her husband or father disapproved of her vow after the first day of hearing the same, then whatever penalties she had agreed to would have to be borne by him, vs 15. On the other hand, a vow made by a man could not be broken whatsoever, Numbers 30.

This teaches us that we need to be very careful before making any types of commitments to God or man, because if we hastily or impulsively do so and then fail to keep our word, it will not be taken lightly by the Lord.

So, let us be zealous about acquiring all of our spiritual inheritance; be careful before making any vows and take the pains to fulfill the same, as well as, be sure to offer our burnt and sin offerings, on a daily basis, together with the needed accompaniments such that we can live in a manner that God approves of, and so, bring great delight to His heart!

Rowena Thomas
Mumbai, India.