People of faith do not quit or give up

Lockdown Reflections… 📝
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Day 146, 270 Days Bible Reading, Monday, 7.12.20. ✒

We can measure our strength in this pandemic lockdown and know the measure of our faith towards God… Proverb 24:10.

🌀 Nobody likes adversity, or trouble times, which is affliction, difficulty, hardship, or danger. The last 9 months in this pandemic lockdown has been a time of much-restricted movement and challenges. But, it has also been a time to measure our strength and faith in God.

🌀 Christian life is not easy and not without trouble. God has never promised an easy ride but a safe arrival with His power and protection. The disciples had to go through storm tests. Paul had to go through shipwrecks, believers had gone through persecution. This pandemic lockdown is a storm we got to go through with faith in Christ Jesus, Who is the Wisdom of God, 1 Corinthians 1:24. If we lack Wisdom in our trials, we are to ask God, James 1:5. We are already equipped to face storms. We should not falter in trouble times but be strong in the Lord, Proverb 24:10.

🌀 Dear Child of God, Remember this, this pandemic situation and lockdown has not caught God by surprise. This adversity is not the result of some fate or chance, or accident because Jesus has warned us through the Gospels about pestilences, and we should have been prepared for it, Luke 21:11. We know the Bible speaks about pestilences in the Old Testament, the Gospels and in Revelation. Jesus also said that we can overcome the World’s tribulations through Him, John 16:33 and He has given us His Peace.

🌀 People of faith do not quit or give up. They are overcomers. They face difficulties, resist tiredness, and fight opposition through Christ Who strengthens them, Philippians 4:13. They know negative events will come, so they prepare for them, and they fight through them. Only the weak fail or quit when the going gets tough. King Solomon is encouraging us to a greater commitment and resolve by telling us that we can succeed in this pandemic lockdown through God’s Wisdom and Power, Proverb 24:14.

🌀 God will use our trials, adversity and troubled times to build our faith. Faith is built in adversity and not in prosperity because we need His help in trouble times… Amen. 🙏

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