Proverbs 3

In this Chapter we discover many secrets. These will enable us to live life in such a way that we find favour with God and man, reach our full potential and not die before our time, maintain good health and financial stability, as well as, stay well protected from every form of danger and evil.

Here’s how:
In order to have a long and full life, we need to remember the teachings of God and obey them with all our hearts. A long life does not necessarily mean ‘long’ in terms of years, but rather ‘long’ in terms of being a blessing to others, as well as fulfilling our God-given destiny, vs 1 &2.

In order to obtain favour with God and man, we need to be both truthful, as well as, merciful, vs 3&4. Acknowledging God in all our ways, meaning walking in the light of His Word at all times and not leaning on human reasoning, will find us having Him direct our paths into His perfect will for our lives, vs 5 & 6. The secret of keeping in good health is simply to turn away from doing evil and constantly do good no matter how people treat us or how we may feel like responding to them, 7 & 8.

The secret to financial stability lies in giving to the Lord from the first fruits of our wealth and earning, vs 9 & 10. Verses 11 & 12 remind us not to hate the discipline of the Lord when He chastises us, when He finds us disobeying the above commandments, as it is only a means to lovingly bring us back to the right path again. Verses 13 -15 remind us to value wisdom and understanding more than we would, gold, silver, rubies or any other thing that we may desire!

This is because gaining wisdom will yield benefits, not only here on earth, but throughout eternity as well. God, Himself, established the heavens and earth by Wisdom and her paths are peaceable.

Those who seek her will not be afraid of sudden disaster, or destruction when it overtakes the wicked, vs 16-26! Some other practical exhortations include, vs 27 -31, how we should deal with our ‘neighbour’:

  • when he is in need, always help him according to our ability
  • don’t plot evil against him
  • don’t accuse him falsely
  • don’t envy or copy any of his violent ways.

In doing so, we will surely experience grace from God, as well as, blessings, honour and intimate and timely counsel from the Lord whenever we need the same, vs 32 -35. What more could we ask for! Indeed, nothing else we could desire compares with this! Amen.

Rowena Thomas
Mumbai, India.