Divine Protection in the midst of DANGERS. Psalm 91.

A glowing testimony to the security of those who trust in God.

He who dwells(continuous stay and not an occasional visitor) in the shelter of the Most High

Will rest in the shadow of the allmighty.

A. What the LORD will give to those who trust in Him?

  1. God will give him refuge.91:2.
  2. God will be a fortress for him.91:2.
    3.God will save him from the fowler’s snare.91:3.
    4.God will save him from the deadly pestilence. 91:3.
    5.God will cover him with his feathers.91:4.
  3. God will give him refuge under His wings.91:4.
  4. God’s faithfulness will be his shield &rampart .91:4
  5. He will not fear th terror of night.* 91:5.
  6. He will not fear the arrow that flies by day.91:5.
    10.He will not fear the pestilence that starks in the darkness. 91:6.
  7. He will not fear the plague that destroys at midday. 91:6.
  8. He will get protection from the thousands who come against him. 91:7.

B What is GOD offering to all those who fully trust in Him?

(“IF” in 91: 8 is conditional. Not for everyone but only for those who fully trust or depend on God and for those who lead a life as per His Word.) “then”

  1. No harm will befall you. 91:10.
  2. No disaster will come near your tent. 91:10.
  3. God will command His angels about him.91:11.
  4. God’s angels will guard him in all his ways. 91:11.
  5. God’s angels will lift him in their hands from danger.91:12.
  6. He will tread upon lions and poisonous snakes. 91:13.

C What is GOD PROMISING to those who love Him?

  1. I will rescue him.v14.
  2. I will protect him.v14.
  3. I will answer him.v15.
  4. I will be with him in trouble.v15.
  5. I will deliver him.v 15.
  6. I will honour him.v15.
  7. I will satisfy him with long life.v16.
  8. I will show him my salvation.v16.

Friends, God never offered a life without problems but offer protection in every situation if we trust in Him.

Psalm 91 is a Psalm which I memorised as a small boy. When I go through problems, threats, loneliness, difficulties…my God is so real and His protection is so divine.

Let us DWELL in HIM continuously and experience His divine protection throughout our life.