GOD is my ROCK, in whom I take REFUGE. Psalm.18:2a

David sang Psalm 18 when God delivered him from all his enemies including King Saul.

Who is God to David?

  1. My strength.(who empowered him).
  2. My rock.(place of shelter, safety and secure standing.)
  3. My fortress.(strength and safety)
  4. My deliverer.(a way of escape)
  5. My God
  6. My mountain
  7. My shield(defends+protection)
  8. My horn of salvation.(strength and defense)
  9. My stronghold(high tower of refuge).

What David did?

  1. I called to the Lord, in his distress.18:3,6.
  2. I cried to my God for help.18:6

How God responded?

  1. Reached down and took hold of David. 18:17
  2. Drew David out of deep waters. 18:16.
  3. Rescued David from powerful and strong enemy. 18:17.
  4. Supported from disaster. 18:18.
  5. Brought into a spacious place. 18:19.

What David did to His God.

  1. lead a righteous and clean life 18:20.
  2. Kept the ways of the Lord. 18:21.
  3. Kept himself from evil 18:21.
  4. Kept all His decrees. 18:22.
  5. Lead a blameless life. 18:23,25.
  6. Kept himself from doing sin. 18:23.
  7. lead a faithful life. 18:25.
  8. Lead a pure life. 18:26.
  9. Lead a humble life. 18:27

How God helped David?

  1. To overtake and to destroy his enemies. 18:37.
  2. Delivered David from the attack of people. 18: 18:43.
  3. Made David as head of nations. 18:43.
  4. Made his enemies to obey him. 18:43.
  5. Saved from enemies and exalted him. 18:48.

Who is God to us?
Are we going through problems, difficulties or facing big enemies in life?

How is our life before God?
God of David is our God. Let us take refuge in Him.