I will not be afraid. What can mortal man do to me? Psalm.56:4

David was continuously on the run as King Saul and his people were trying to kill him, out of jealousy. One day, he went to Achish, the Philistine king of Gath. People recognized him as David and he escaped by pretending as insane. He was all alone and God miraculously rescued him.(1 Sam.21:10-15) David wrote this Psalm from his experience.

  1. What were the enemies doing?
    a. They hotly pursue me. 56:1.
    b. All day long, they press their attack.56:1,2.
    c. Many are attacking in their pride. 56;2.
    d. All day long, they twist my words. 56:5.
    e. Always plotting to harm me. 56:5.
    f. Enemies lurk, watch his steps, eager to take his life. 56:6.
  2. What was David doing when he was afraid?
    a. I will trust in you. 55:3,4,11.
    b. I call for help. 56:9.
    c. I will praise God. 56:10.
    d. I will present my thank offering to God.56:12.
  3. Result of trust in God.
    a.I will not be afraid.56:4,11.( God will answer our prayer and will remove all the fears.)
    b. David understood that God is for him.56:9.
  4. What happened to David?
    a. God delivered him from death. 56:13.
    b. God delivered his feet from stumbling.56:13.
  5. What happened to his enemies?
    a. God will bring down his enemies. 56:7.
    b. They will turn back( defeated by God) 56:9.
  6. Lessons David learned?

What can mortal man do to me? 56:4,11.

He understood that his enemies who are mortal ,though they are many and powerful, including King Saul can do nothing because God is with him.

Are we facing enemies who are continuously trying to attack us, conspire against us, distorting our words and actions, trying to finish/ kill us….Never be afraid.Keep trusting in Allmighty God( never put our trust or dependence on people). Keep praying, keep walking according to His word.

Then God will protect us from all our enemies. We too will be able to tell or ask with David – What can man do to me? They can do nothing because God is with us.