Alter on the altar for God’s utmost purpose

Lockdown Reflections… 📝
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Day 246, 270 Days Bible Reading, Wednesday, 17.3.21.

In this lockdown let us alter on the altar for God’s utmost purpose…. Romans 12:1-2.

🔑The Book of Romans is a book that can be used as the code of conduct for every believer, for general and specific areas of our lives. Paul’s epistles are bread and butter for spiritual growth. Unless the eyes of our understanding are truly opened by the Holy Spirit, we will miss out the essence and the essentials of the Pauline Letters. Every page of every epistle will transform our lives, if we can spend quality time to read, meditate and activate the truths.

🔑In this Lockdown for the last one year, prayers for revival was on the lips of most believers globally. But, John Wesley said, revival happens when the world can come and see us burn for Christ. He was a revivalist and burned for Christ. Revival happens when the Church Worships God as living sacrifice, knowing His Perfect Will. The problem with us is, when the fire gets hot, we scream and shout and jump off the altar. Our Lockdown experience can be turned into Altars to bring Our “Selves” as the Living Sacrifice for God to Refine Us, so that we will know the Good, Pleasing and Perfect Will of God for Us in this Lockdown Season which should hopefully end soon. Roman 12:1-2

🔑Child of God, Remember this, the reason why we scream and shout and jump off the altar is because, our mind struggles to find the answer we want in when we are on the altar. When our minds are not renewed to God’s Word we won’t understand why we need to go through the refining process. A renewed mind is a Mind that is God Minded and Word Minded. A renewed mind will not conform to the world’s way of thinking, but will conform to Christ’s way of thinking, because in our regenerated born again spirit, we have the mind of Christ, 1Corinthinians 2:16.

🔑A renewed mind means a mind that is rewired by the Word of God. Only a regenerated person with a renewed mind, can on purpose, offer the spirit, soul and body to God as a living sacrifice on the altar, and ask God to burn up the dross and dirt, and, to set on fire what remains, to serve Him.

🔑We should first be willing and ready to go on the altar to be altered, to be useful vessels for God, to be refined and purified, Malachi 3:3, 4:1. Let us surrender ourselves as living sacrifices and be set ablaze on fire for God for God’s greater purpose after the lockdown. When I visited his prison cell few years ago in Rome I realized how much torture he went through to be a living sacrifice willing until his execution. The least we can do is at least to read his glorious life giving epistles…Amen🙏

Anniekoshy@God’s Thirstydeer🦌 Breaking the Chain with You….⛓️