All is Well that Ends Well 🌹

Sandwiched between the Judges and the King’s era lies the delicate, tiny, beautiful Book of Ruth. It is the first Book in the Bible named after a gentile woman.

The Book of Ruth is a short, simple, sweet story of a beautiful family that lived in Bethlehem. This family is a good example of We two, ours two. Circumstances made them migrate to Moab in search of green pastures.

Death snatched the three men from the same family leaving behind three grieving widows. Naomi was left desolate, lost and lonely in the alien country of Moab.

The woman who left happily abroad with her family returned home alone with a young foreigner Ruth. They returned home hopeless but a new glorious beginning awaited them.

Providence led Ruth to pick leftovers from the fields of Boaz. Then slowly the story gains momentum and ends in a happy tone. The Book of Ruth concludes with a miniature genealogy tracing the lineage of King David.

Some of the striking features of the Book of Ruth are:
▪️ All the names of the main characters are recorded in the Bible.
▪️ God accepted Ruth, the Moabite woman who sought Him. Her name is registered in the genealogy list in the gospel of Matthew.
▪️ Is it in honour of her faith this Book is named after her?
▪️ Naomi’s dwindling faith that ignited a hope in the God of Israel in Ruth.
▪️ Ruth’s love for Naomi.
▪️ Boaz’s acceptance of Ruth.

Dear ones in Christ, the book of Ruth is an encouragement for those who have come under the wings of Almighty God from another faith. The story of Ruth promises hope in the most hopeless situations. The Lord knows those who trust Him. Our trust in Him is not in vain.

God bless us to be channels of blessings.

Mrs Sheela Jebakumar ✍️
September 10, 2020