Promoted From The Dust of the Vineyard To be Seated With the Princes

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Take a Break with Jesus in the Lockdown ๐Ÿžโ˜•
Day 150, 270 Days Bible Reading, Friday, 11.12.20. โœ’

In this Lockdown let us wine and dine with our Bridegroom King at the Banqueting Table under the Banner of Loveโ€ฆ SOS (or Song of Songs) 2:4.

๐Ÿ‘‘ It is 150 days since I have been writing my insights in the backdrop of the Covid Pandemic Crisis which has reached an overwhelming point to those who are in the frontline and my loved ones are serving in the midst of it risking their health. One of the positive things that has come out of the lockdown is knowing that God has spread His Banqueting Table with the Banner of His Love for me and my loved ones and I should continue to feast at His table daily no matter what is going on around me, SOS 2:4.

๐Ÿ‘‘ King Solomon’s Poetries are a treat โ€” Proverbs, Ecclesiastes and Song of Songs. “Proverbs is a beautifully written poetry Full of Wisdom; Ecclesiastes is written after a little Folly gets mixed into Wisdom, Ecclesiastes 10:1, and Song of Songs was written in the moment of true love, relationship and intimacy”. Let’s look at my favourite among them, the Song of Songs or Song of Solomon. It is a beautiful relationship between Christ and His Bride โ€” the Church. Solomon is the Type and Shadow of Christ, and his Love for the Shulammite Woman is the Picture of Us, His Bride.

๐Ÿ‘‘ Let us Step Into the Vineyards of Solomon for a Beautiful Love Story, Told in a Love Song. This Is A Picture of Jesus and His Bride โ€” His Church. We got to be Ready for the Bridegroom King Who is the Shepherd King in the Book of the Song of Solomon, Which Places it ABOVE ALL SONGS. The King disguised as a Shepherd winning the heart of His Lover is the picture of Jesus’ First Coming, SOS 1:7-8, and Then Coming back for His Engaged Bride, SOS 1:11, in His Chariot as The Bridegroom King is the Picture of His Second Coming, SOS 3:7-11.

๐Ÿ‘‘ The King Disguises as the Shepherd to Woo The Shulammite Woman, who was Working so hard in the King’s Vineyard. When We Labour for Our King, He Shows Up Wrapped in Goodness and Favour Through Others And We Must Learn To Discern His Presence and Catch the Moment. He Can Show Up Anywhere! In the Heat of Your Kitchen, In the Midst of Despair, In Board Meetings, In Playgroundโ€ฆ He can show up Anywhere, When Your Heart is In Sync With His, “MY BELOVED IS MINE AND I AM HIS MOMENT”, SOS 2:16.

๐Ÿ‘‘ While we are waiting for our Bridegroom King, He should be able to say about us, Like a Lily among the Thorns is My Darling among the maidens SOS 2:2, and my Dove is hiding in the cleft of the rock, SOS 2:14.

๐Ÿ‘‘ The Lily has a choice, it can, over a period of time, influence the Thorns to become like Lilies or the Lily can become like the Thorns. We live in a harsh world that is full of compromising situations. There is so much of moral degradation and eroding value systems. Greed, Power, Rampant Corruption, Fake Newsโ€ฆ seems to be the norm. Where do we, the Bride of Christ, fit in? Come what may, we should always remain as Lilies for the Lord โ€” Sharing, Caring, Loving and making a Difference in the World Around Us, especially in this Covid-infected world.

๐Ÿ‘‘ The Dove is a clean bird, single-minded, and is faithful to one mate for a lifetime, living in the cleft of a rock. We as His Dove, cleansed by the Blood, kept pure by the Holy Spirit, should be hiding in His glorified wounds, being faithful until He returns to take us Home.

๐Ÿ‘‘ Child of God, Remember this, When We Learn to Chat and Tweet With Our Beloved Jesus, With Songs of the Spirit Saying, “Show Me Your Face, Let Me Hear Your Voice, How Delightful is Your Love“, SOS 2:14, 4:10, We Will Be Promoted From The Dust of the Vineyard To be Seated With the Princes, Royalty Position, Psalm 113:7 & 8. From All-time Welfare and Charity to All-Level Wealth and Riches.

๐Ÿ‘‘ ARE WE READY TO RISE WHEN OUR BELOVED SAYS, “Rise Up, My Love, My Fair One and COME AWAY!” SOS 2:13, so that, We Can Say, “THE KING HAS BROUGHT ME TO HIS CHAMBER, SOS 1:4? I am woken up very early to seek His Face and spend time with Him and feast at His Banqueting Table under the Banner of His Love, SOS 2:4. I have learnt that the lockdown can make me lazy and that will allow the little foxes to ruin my vineyard and make it barren, because they Run Wild Through the Vineyards When the Vine is in Flowering Seasons, SOS 2:15. Let us shake off our laziness and feast at the Banqueting Table in this Lockdownโ€ฆ Amen. ๐Ÿ™

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