Song of songs: 1: 3

“*Pleasing is the fragrance of
your perfumes, Your name is
like perfume poured out.
No wonder the young women love you

It is believed that Song
of songs were also written by Solomon. Solomon wrote
1005 songs. (1 Kings: 4: 32 )
and many believe that these
Song of songs are the ” best
of songs”.

⚡ One of the interpretations
say that the contents of the Song of songs reveal Christ’s love for the church.
Song of songs and the book
of Esther are the only two
biblical books that never
mention God.

⚡ In the Song of songs, the bride describes her lover. His love is better than
wine and more fragrant than
ointments. His name is sweeter than anything in the
world. So she concludes that there is no wonder that
he is loved by young women

⚡ But there is someone far greater than any bridegroom in the earth, someone whose love is also
better than wine and more
fragrant than perfumes. His
love satisfies our every
need. His fragrance is better
than any perfume, because when He gave himself for us, His sacrifice became a
sweet smelling aroma to
God.( Ephesians: 5:2)
Finally His name is above
every name.(Philippians:2:9)
No wonder we love Him.
“We love Him because He first loved us” (1 John: 4:19)

⚡ It is a privilege to love
Jesus. It is the best experience in life. Do you take time to tell Him so ?
Do you express with words
the beauty of your Saviour?
” Your beloved is radiant
and ruddy outstanding among ten thousand.”
( Sos:5:10) If you show His
beauty with your life, others
will say ” No wonder you love Him”

*God’s word tells us His love – Our words tell Him of our love

Dr. Thomas David.🎯