Bride of the Lamb of God

Song of Solomon 4

❇️ You are a garden locked up,
my sister, my bride;
You are a spring enclosed ,
a sealed fountain (v12)

❇️ Your plants are an orchard ……with every kind of incense tree.(v13 & 14)

❇️ In the above verses the lover or the bridegroom (the Lord) describes his beloved or the bride ( Church or believer) using three code words to describe her soul, spirit and body.

❇️ The groom refers to the soul of his bride as a garden locked up. The bride’s soul is fenced by the word of God which means the thoughts, emotions and desires are to be guarded by the word of God.

❇️ Secondly He compares the spirit of his bride to a spring closed which means the words of the mouth are to be guarded by the word of God ( Ps.141:3).

❇️ Our words are formed by God given breath, the spirit in us. Our breath as it passes everytime through the vocal chords words are produced and thus words are connected to our spirit.

❇️ Thirdly He describes his bride as a sealed fountain which means a body sealed from unrighteous acts. Jesus Christ in Jn.4:14 says “the water that I shall give him shall be in him a well of water springing up into everlasting life.

❇️ Further the groom describes his bride as a garden having every kind of incense tree which refers to her readiness for a life of prayer (incense)

❇️ In v12 the groom calls her first as sister and then as bride which has a great significance in our growing relationship to our Lord.

❇️ When we are born again into God’s family we become his sister/ brother as Christ is the first born. Through our growing intimacy our relationship is elevated to that of a bride when our soul, spirit and body are guarded by his word as a garden locked up, a spring enclosed and a sealed fountain and with our readiness for a life of prayer we are ready for the marriage with the Lamb as his bride ( Rev.19:7) which is a covenant to be sealed.

✅ Insight learnt:
▪️Word of God protects our soul, spirit and body to make us the bride of the Lamb

Vellore 🙏🏽