What a great statement about a person who lived on earth

Noah was a righteous man, blameless among the people of his time and he walked with God. Genesis.6:9.

What a great statement about a person who lived on earth?

  1. Noah was a righteous man – a man always right with God. Gen.6:11 says, the earth was corrupt in God’s sight and was full of violence. God said to Noah, “I have found you righteous in this generation.” Gen.7:1 So in a world which is corrupt and where “all the people on the earth had corrupted their ways” Gen.6:12, it is possible to lead a righteous life.
  2. Noah was a blameless man.- a man without any blame. Though all the people around him and in the world were people with sin or blame, here was a person who was blameless in the sight of God.
  3. Noah walked with God. Because Noah walked with God, he was able to lead a righteous and blameless life.
  4. Noah did everything just as God commanded him. Gen.6:22. In a world in which many people find God’s commands difficult to obey or follow, here was a man who “did all that the Lord had commanded.” Gen.7:5 When God asked him to build an ark, he obeyed it though others around him, except his family, thought that it is foolishness.

A. How is our life? Are we leading a righteous and blameless life in our generation?

B. Are we walking with God or willing to obey God in everything?

Let us be a Noah in our generation.