My Transformed Devotional Life

In today’s busy world, it can be difficult to prioritize daily Bible reading.
I, like many others, are rushing as soon as we wake up, and don’t stop running around until I go to bed at night.

Even if the desire is there to read and spend time in studying the Bible everyday, other priorities come over reading the Bible consistently.

But as I grew up in a strict christian family background, I read the whole Bible many times in my life.

In 2017, when someone introduced me to this Whatsapp Bible reading Program, I didn’t take it very seriously in the beginning.
But I was reading the Bible and shared some thoughts once a week, Rev.C.V.Abraham motivated me to write my thoughts and post it everyday in the group.

Slowly I started to spend more time EVERYDAY to study the Bible rather than just reading it.

When I began to study the Bible, it dramatically changed my life.

We always have a huge temptation to read the Bible for only the purpose of gaining more knowledge.

In my opinion, we should sit down in front of the Bible and read it with the intent to let it guide us to change something in our life.

When we sit down with His Word, then only, we have an accurate picture of how weak we are, how needy we are, as we are dead sinners rescued by only His Grace.

Many asked me, how do I write and post the message everyday.

As everyone, I often battle between my daily responsibilities and to sit down for Bible study.

For me, I have set a place and time to read and study the Bible everyday.

In the beginning, I took it as a challenge to read and share the thoughts and now it has become a habit and took precedence in my life.

By consistently reading God’s Word, we can develop an impactive habit for nourishing our soul, renewing our mind, and increasing our spiritual strength.

I usually use the ‘AEIOU method’ to read and study the Bible.

“A” stands for “ask questions.” :-
I read the scheduled portion first and ask the “who, what, when, where, why, and how” questions. It helps for more clarity and understanding.

“E” stands for “emphasize key words and phrases.”:-
Then I look for the words that stand out in the text or are repeated. Get the meaning of those words from any Dictionaries, like King James Bible Dictionary.

“I” stands for “identify appropriate cross-references.’
In today’s modern world, we have countless ways to collect more information for the portion we read.
I read a lot from different resources and study the passage very deeply.
I take a minimum 3 hours daily to read the cross references from different resources.

“O” stands for ‘our own word’
Then I try writing a brief summary of the text in my own words.
I always make sure to use very simple words and short sentences.
And most importantly with sincere words.

And finally, there is the “U”, which stands for “use it in our life”
After understanding it to the best of our ability, we must then apply its truth to our own life.

But it’s very important to begin the Bible study with a word of prayer.
Ask God to open our eyes and ears to what He has to tell us everyday. .

I thank God for letting me in this Whatsapp Bible reading group. This ‘daily Bible read and study’ program helped me to overcome my toughest times in my life.

I got so many friends who are supporting me with their motivational words and short messages. I really thank God for these wonderful people in this program.
Especially my dear friends who are supporting the group with their time and tireless effort, to make this program a successful one.

Moreover I appreciate and thank Rev. C.V Abraham, for his sincere and passionate efforts, as being the master of this program.
Success is absolutely about how effective we use your time to achieve our goals.
He put a lot of effort timelessly to make this program a success, which is helping many around the world, to read and study the Word of God in a systematic manner.

May God continue to bless the lives of all those who are sincerely dedicating their time to read and study the Word of God.

Jooley Mathew Zachariah .

My experience with 270 Days Bible Study

I thank Jesus and the team leader
Rev. Abraham and all the busy 🐝 bees who are making honey 🍯

Though I received the Bible late into my hands, I have read it more than fifty times in the last fifteen years and I have been praying 🧎‍♀️ like David (psalm 119)and
Jeremiah ( 33:3), to see wonderful things in His Law and asking for the hidden MANNA.
( Revelation 2:17)

God doesn’t give us as much of revelations as He gave David and Apostle Paul.

Paul says,” Knowledge puffs up.”
So we get revelations each a different part, so that we humble and acknowledge that wisdom belongs to Jehovah ( Isa 28:29)

But we do get a good amount to feed upon when we are 🧠
‘Brain Storming’ in the combined study 📖 and it is amazing 😉 how God gives each one of us a perspective relating to our life experiences, and that we may gain more insight sharing and learning from others’ insights.

Pooling of thoughts 💭 brings about SYNERGY.

“As iron sharpens iron,
    so one person sharpens another.”

“Plans fail for lack of counsel,
    but with many advisers they succeed.”

As Elijah the prophet was fed, while he hid in a cave in the Kerith Ravine near the Jordan river, in this lockdown time the Lord is keeping me well fed with choice morsels of His Word through various channels.

I thank Jesus Christ for giving me the opportunity to be part of the group and strength to participate with the help of the Holy Spirit to write my experiences, in my walk with Him.

1 Kings 19:5
Well it is angels who are feeding me
saying,” Get up and eat.”
even at midnight 🕛 when I am fast asleep 😴.

😍May God bless all the sincere workers and their families in God’s field, who are feeding us the LIVING BREAD 🍞 and my cup runs over so I am able to send appropriate posts to my friends and family of believers and unbelievers.

✝️HEBREWS 1:1-2
In the Old Testament God would speak through the prophets-Elijah, Jeremiah, Micah, Amos -at many times in various ways, but in these last days He has spoken to us by

God now speaks to all of us and asks us to share the knowledge, wealth and skills so that we are interdependent as a single body of Christ.
Apart from Him we cannot bear fruit 🍇 Jn 15:4 and apart from each other we are prone to the attack of the devil.

We may segregate physically, but the devil can’t bring segregation in the Spirit of Christ.

We are distanced in so many parts of the world 🌍, but we are one in Spirit!
Glory to God who is adding more and more into the group and bonding people unknown and far OPENING NEW 🚪 🚪DOORS,
helping, teaching, comforting,
healing, uniting, delivering,empowering, encouraging, enhancing—“

🕎Strengthening ministries, multiplying, expanding and enlarging the ⛺️ tents.(Isa 53:2)

✝️Jesus said: “I Will Build My Church!” “And the Gates of Hell Shall Not Prevail Against It!”

✝️ROMANS 11:36
“For from him and through him and for him are all things.
    To him be the glory forever!”

💖May the mists in our mind be cleared as the unfolding of the Word shines into our lives.

✝️1 PETER 4:24-25

“All people are like grass,
    and all their glory is like the flowers of the field;
the grass withers and the flowers fall,
    but the word of the Lord endures forever.”

🙏 Heavenly Father,
As grey hair 👩‍🦳 shines on my aging face, may Wisdom dawn on me with every morning’s grace.

Abba Father,
May I be yours and your alone.

V. Lakshmi/ Deborah
👩‍🦳 ‘a voice in the desert 🏜’