We have peace in the house, my son’s started to go to church on Sundays

I am Mabel. After being introduced by my friend to the 270 days Bible reading, my life and my family has changed. I was waiting for this opportunity to read the Bible and wherever I went I used to carry the Bible to read. 
After I joined the 270 days Bible reading I started experiencing many changes in my house. We have peace now in the house, my son’s behavior has changed. He started to go to church on Sundays.  During the lockdown, he was sitting at home after finishing his studies. It was difficult to get a job. My son was asking me on what to do. I told him to pray as God would answer his prayers.
By God’s grace he was blessed with a job. Now my son keeps the Bible I was reading in his room. I asked God to bless his room, rebuked the devil and not to allow the evil one to enter his room as he is God’s child.
Now my husband is also showing interest and reading the Bible according to the Bible portions given every day. We feel blessed as a family. Praising God for the wonderful opportunity to read His Word and be blessed. Thanking my friend for introducing me to this Bible reading program. I would like to continue by being part of the next Bible reading program too.

Mabel – Group 925