Rise and fall of King Azariah

📖 2Kings Chapter 15

The nation of Judah recovers from three successive assassinations:
✅ Ahaziah (9:27); ✅ Joash (12:20) ✅ Amaziah (14:19).

📝 Azariah also called Uzziah (2Chron 26:1; Is 6:1) comes to the throne by a popular choice (2Chron 26:1). The text reveals that ” Azariah did what was right in the eyes of the Lord, just as his father Amaziah had done ” (15:3). He was wisely mentored by Zechariah (“… who instructed Azariah in the fear of God ” 2Chron 26: 5)

📝 If we explore the scriptures we find that most of the kings of Israel were assassinated (bowled out). The main character of today’s reading portion Azariah king of Judah had reigned 52 years in Jerusalem (v 2). In this long innings (kingship) he saw 6 Israelites Kings, and out of that 5 kings came on the pitch but were dismissed in quick succession:

1) Jeroboam II v 1
2) Zechariah v 8-12
3) Shallum v 13-15
4) Menahem v 17-22
5) Pekahiah v 23-25
6) Pekah v 27-31

🏏 Azariah could have added to his scores beyond 52 years of his kingship but was retired hurt with leprosy and kept in isolation, and he could never return (.. he died). He was afflicted with leprosy by the Lord (2Kings 15:5) because he encroached on the domain of the priesthood (2Chron 26:16-20)

📝 The records states that all the kings of Israel did evil in the eyes of the Lord. Out of 5 Kings four were bowled out, as they were killed by their successors. The period of their kingship (score board) can be summarised as follows:

🏏 Zechariah 0⃣6⃣ months
🏏 Shallum 0⃣1⃣ month
🏏 Menahem 1⃣0⃣ years
🏏 Pekahiah 0️⃣ 2⃣ years
🏏 Pekah 2⃣0⃣ years

🏏 Azariah started well under his godly parents (Amaziah and Jecoliah) and later on by Zechariah (he sought God during the days of Zechariah.. 2Chron 26:5). The Lord gave him success but his end was fatal because of the following factors:

📌 Pride (2Chron 26:16)
📌 Unfaithfulness (2Chron 26:16)
📌 Disrespect the priesthood (2Chron 26:16b)
📌 Stubbornness (2Chron 26:17-19)
He was buried but not in but near the royal mausoleum (2Kings 15:7; 2Chron 26:23)

💞 Beloved Church, all these factors Pride, Unfaithfulness and Stubbornness are still relevant in the downfall of our spiritual life.
Let us dress up with Helmet, Gloves, Guards, Shoes and Bat (which is similar to the Armour of God) and play the life’s innings with perseverance (Heb 12: 1b)

Hezekiah, you are going to die

(2Kings 20 : 1-11)
Hezekiah, at 39 years, was sick and was at the point of death. His sickness involves some kind of inflammation or boils (v 7 ; Deut 28:35)
📌 Normally a dying man on his deathbed expects:
~ A comforting Words 😘
~ Prayer from God’s servant / people 🛐

📌 Hezekiah must have felt good and encouraged when he saw Isaiah coming to meet him but was deeply shocked when Isaiah proclaimed God’s message for him (v1b):


What could a dying man do ❓
How could he put his house in order at the eleventh hour ❓

📌 Hezekiah knew that to “put his house in order” would involved a successor, and at that time Hezekiah had no son. He had also a national problem : Sennacherib, king of Assyria was a threat to Judah.
Thus, his sorrows multiplied but the text says that Hezekiah prayed earnestly to the Lord 🛐

📝 Earlier two kings Jeroboam and Ahaziah had requested Oracles during sickness but they received negative replies in accordance with their wickedness (1Kings 14:1-17; 2Kings 1)
🌈 God heard Hezekiah’s prayer by granting him a quantity of life with a 15 years extension and a quality of life that he would live in peace and secure (v 6).

📝 Manasseh was born when Hezekiah was 42 years (ie Manasseh was born during the grace period) .
📌 Thus, Hezekiah was able to put his house and nation in order as there was peace and security for 15 years.

💞 Beloved Church, today if an angel of the Lord would come and repeat the same message : “Put your house in order, you are going to die…” to us, what would be our response ❓
✅ Some of us would check the bank balance 💰
✅ Some of us would like to consult the best doctors. 💉💊
✅ Some of us would divide the properties amongst the children 🚘🏘
🎈 Very few would seek God’s Will, Strength and Power through PRAYERS 🛐

📌 The word DEATH is fearsome and painful, and we all have to face it one day . But for a child of God there is nothing to fear because to DIE is GAIN

Glory to God 🙏
✍🏽 Mark Boje, ArP 🇮🇳

Do not be afraid of what you have, heard. 2 kings 19:6

After king of Assyria had captured Israel, then he came against the southern kingdom of Judah .king Hezekiah of Judah was considered to be one of the greatest kings, Judah ever had because of his trust and reliance on God. He kept God’s commands and urged people to turn from sin and return to God. 2 chron30_6-9.

The officers of Assyria were speaking loud enough to be heard on the walls of Jerusalem.so that the people would become afraid and surrender.. The officers of Assyria spoke insults against Jehovah and the 2 kings 18:27-37.

Then he sends his officials to the prophet Isaiah asking him to pray. Isaiah answers with God’s message, telling Hezekiah not to be afraid.and God will deal with him.

Don’t let human threats scare you. Listen to God and trust Him to deliver you

Cynthia Sathiaraj