Registers and Ledgers

The genealogy list in Chronciles reminds us of the various Books that are mentioned in the Bible. And in these Books our names and deeds are written. And one day we all have to stand before the throne of judgment and every single word and action of us will be brought to His notice.

📗 Book of Life 📗
In this Book is registered the names of all who accepted Jesus Christ as their Saviour (Rev 21:27). Jesus told that we have to rejoice because our names are written in heaven (Lk 10:20). Make sure that our name is registred and remains till the end and is not blotted from the Book of Life. This will be the entry to the Gateway of Heaven.

📕 Book of Remembrance 📕
There is a book in heaven known as the Book of Remembrance. This Book registers the names of all those who fear the Lord, speak of Him and think of His name (Mal 3:16). What we think and say about God are recorded in this Book. So be cautious of what we say and think of God.

📘 Another Book 📘
The Bible says that Books were opened before God and judgment depends on what is written in the books and according to our works (Rev 20:12). Moreover Jesus said we have to give an account of all the words that we speak. So our words are recorded in heaven (Mt 12:36, 37). The Psalmist wrote that our tears are registered in His book (Ps 56:8).

Dear Ones in Christ, God knows each one of us by our name. Make sure that your name is in God’s list. Take care that it is not blotted from His book. And our words and deeds are registered in His book. We will be judged according to our actions. So let the fear of God be deep rooted in the life we live.

God bless us to be channels of blessings.

Mrs Sheela Jebakumar ✍️
October 10, 2020