God has a prepared place called “THERE” for all of us

God has a prepared place called “THERE” for all of us in this Lockdown, 1 Kings 17:4 & 9.

🐦Today when I read about Elijah being persevered for a purpose, it blesses me so much in my unplanned and unprepared lockdown. Elijah had an assignment from God and God had to preserve him from a famine and from the wrath of a terrible duo, the king and queen, Ahab and Jezebel. Elijah could not die before his time because he was carrying God’s Word. Until he release God’s Word there won’t be an rain, 1King 17:1

🐦If God has given us His Word for an assignment, He will do everything to preserve us until it is fulfilled, no matter what the situation looks like, what the news media is saying and what predictions we hear about the corona pandemic in this lockdown. God’s people should be hearing the “now” Word from God. Elijah did what he heard God tell him to do

🐦For three years God supernaturally provided for him through unusual source. He prepared a special “there” place of provision. He told Elijah that He has ordered a Raven and a Widow to feed him in the “there” place, 1Kings17:4 & 9. Elijah had to go there and stay there in both places until God told him to move

🐦I am in a place where I had planned to be for seven days but it is exactly 7 months. I went through a very crushing moment because I didn’t want to be an unexpected burden to anyone. Only now I realize as I look back, that this is my there place, and everything that I ever needed is in this place. This home is a mission field for me to minister. If I was not here, I would not be able to do some of the things that I am doing for the Lord. We often don’t recognize our Ravens and our Zarephaths because, we are wired up to the natural, the familiar, the usual way of a delivery system and fail to see God’s provision and his delivery system

🐦Child of God, Remember this, God will know how to provide for you in your lockdown to preserve you to fulfill His assignment through you. You have to have your inner eyes opened to see beyond your five senses. Elijah was a man like us, James 5:17. He operated by faith, but, he had his ups and downs, he had suicidal tendencies and depression, he was spiritually burnt out, and he even said, that he had enough,1Kings 19:4. Yet, God came through for him each time and that itself should cheer us up

🐦After a big show down on Mount Carmel, he fled from a woman, queen Jezebel who was like the corona virus, that brought death and disaster. I see the Jezebel spirit is still operating through the corona virus that has shut our churches, but like Elijah we need to build our altars, get in alignment with God’s Word, so that He can burn up the virus for good. We have the victory through Calvary, we have the Blood and the Word. We need to be sensitive to the Holy Spirit because, He still speaks to us in a whisper that can turn into a shout and to shake off the enemy, 1Kings 19:11-13

🐦If we are not in the prepared place, be prepared to hear God saying, what are you doing here? In this lockdown let’s encourage one another to arise, and position ourselves to go to our prepared place for our provision will be there….. Amen🙏

anniekoshy@God’s Thirstydeer🦌Breaking the Chain with You