Everything happens for a great purpose

Saul came from a wealthy, influential family and was good looking..
In life, everything happens for a great purpose.
God will often use circumstances in our lives to guide us.

We need to trust in God’s goodness and in His ability to make all things work together for good.

God worked out His plan through the lost donkeys in a way Saul couldn’t even imagine .The donkeys submitted themselves to what God wanted.

These donkeys were smart enough to submit to God.
Samuel was a great prophet of the living God, not a fortune teller.

God told Samuel that Saul was the man who would be king.
Saul had no relationship with the Lord ,so God spoke to Saul through lost donkeys.

God gave the prophet Samuel specific guidance regarding future events.

God sent a flawed king to a flawed Israel.
Saul led Israel to many military victories and greater independence from the Philistines.

Samuel gave Saul a special portion in the meal and honored him at this meal.

Samuel told Saul all about Israel ‘s desire for a king and how he had to be a good king for Israel.

Samuel anointed him as the king of Israel.

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