Revival and joy in Jerusalem 2 Chronicle 30

Revival among the people of God was through king Hezekiah, who achieved the revival in Israel by reverance for the word of God, concern for all people of God, and devotion to the house of God.

Firstly, king Hezekiah revived the worship of God. He calls the nation to celebrate the passover as it is written and according to the law of Moses 30:5, 16. worship was ordered as it is written in the law of the Lord 31:3 When we obey His word, we can expect revival.

Secondly, sacrifice has to be made for all Israel. When calling the nation to keep the passover, he sends to all Israel though he did not rule over the northern kingdom. while some mocked, many from other tribes humbled themselves and came to Jerusalem 30:4_18 The joy of this reunion and dedication made this passover outshine every observance since Solomon’s reign. The priests were not prepared, so rather than wait for another year, the need to obey God ‘s command encouraged them to hold the feast in the secoond month instead of the 1 st as originally commanded. They can scripturally support for the delay, when circumstances really made it impossible, to observe the original order Num 9:10_13
When we obey God& s command together, we could expect revival

Israelites smashed the sacred stones and cut down Asherah poles They destroyed high places. Hezekiah diligently destroyed them all. The priests rededicated their lives to God 30:24, guided the people in fervent prayer 30:27:, sang and praised God everyday. 30:21. Everyone was filled with joy that they agreed to extend the celebration for another 7 days. 30:23

Devotion to God, His word, and to His people brings joy

Cynthia Sathiaraj