The Consequences 2 Chronicle 12:2-6

Through Moses, God told the Israelites what blessings they could expect if they followed His ways. Likewise Moses informed them of negative consequences, they would experience if they abandoned their loving God Deu 27_30, They only needed to love the Lord, obey Him and their lives would be blessed Deu 30:11, 15_16

But established and strong Rehoboam abandons God, the source of his strength. God abandons him too and as a result powerful Egypt attacks Rehoboam and other leaders of Israel conclude The Lord is just vs 6 They knew that they have brought their problems on themselves

As Rehoboam and his people humble themselves and repent, another facet of the Lord’s character surfaces His mercy Indeed God helps Rehoboam not to fall completely under the attack of Egypt. Even a harsh Rehoboam, not necessarily someone who loves God with all his heart, declares God is just in dealing with the nation

As we go thro’ difficult times, it is better to plead for God’s mercy than to question His justice

Cynthia Sayhiaraj